Leaping into the Aquarian Age

May 30, 2009 |

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This is an article written by Karan Khalsa and published in the May, 2009 Aquarian Times.

When I was 16 and graduating from high school, I went to Yogi Bhajan to talk to him about my future. I was  enrolling  in  an  education program to become a teacher and felt confident he was going to be very  proud and supportive of my chosen career path. He looked at me sternly, but with a slightly smug smile and said, “A teacher? No!  You are a business woman.  Just accept this. Study business.  It is your future.”  And that was the end of it. Being stubborn, I enrolled in my Masters of Education program, convinced he would see that I was right. I was not a fan of the business world.

And as with everything he ever taught me, I had to learn he was right via the long route.  And now, 17 years later, I am, as he foresaw, a business woman.

This is a bit of a scary time to be in  busi­ness. But when the markets crashed and the world economy revealed the major instabili­ties in our financial systems last year, I felt an unusual sense of calm beneath the surface insecurities that gripped us all.  After all, Yogi Bhajan’s teachings focused us on exactly this time period.  So much of the financial systems that melted were based on falsities– billions of dollars being made on complex calculations of nothing; currencies manipulated and controlled; housing markets propped up for banks to bet on. It was a house of cards.

The Aquarian Age is a time for truth–per­sonally and in business. We all want some­thing real, something we can understand and experience. So how does any business person learn to integrate this into a healthy business? Yogi Bhajan taught that we are moving away from hierarchies where greed and ego, manipulation and fear are able to control the planet. And during this transi­tion to the Aquarian Age, the understand­ing of the individual expands to include a greater sense of “I” as a part of the global group consciousness.

When I made the switch from the corpo­rate world to my current business, it all happened very magically.  But I had to take a leap of faith.  I moved from a very secure career position to one that was a bit of a risk financially, but deeply nourishing spir­itually.  And it has proven the most fulfill­ing move I could have taken.  I hear similar stories from yoga teachers and musicians and business owners almost every day.

People are hungry for sources of comfort, tools for expansion, and the ability co see beyond the current economic  hardships and stresses.  I wholeheartedly believe that this is exactly the time to get these teachings deeply integrated into the fab­ric of our lives, our businesses, and the new ‘me’ that is all of us.  If you have the ability co incorporate them into your business, now is the  time.  We all need to be true to who we are.  Yoga classes are fuller than ever.  People are hungry for something deeper and are ready to trust that there really is more to these yogic technologies than meets the eye.

In my line of work , I interact with many yoga studios and yoga teachers, and the re­sounding message is that this is the time to teach, because people are searching . Last month, my step-father, Sat Want Singh, traveled to India and the Philippines to call centers run by his company. He offered to teach yoga classes to the agents.  His classes were packed!  Here is an American in the heart of India packing a house to share Yogi Bhajan’s teachings.  How cool is that?

Helping people have the experience of these technologies is deeply fulfilling and can even provide a respectable living.  You  may not get a private jet, but those aren’t so popular these days anyway.  There is so much  juice in Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, and they are rel­evant way beyond the yoga studio.

So if you feel that pull, this is truly the Age to take the leap!

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