Longing for Thy Grace

January 17, 1979 |

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This is a prayer by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan which was published in 1979 on page 56 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib.

Oh Form in every form, Oh Grace in every grace, Oh Death in every death, Destruction in every destruction, Oh Creativity in every creation, Oh Self in every self, Oh Being in every being, Oh Beauty in every beauty, Oh Name in every name, Oh Thou in all and all in Thou; in oneness, in Thy Grace, at this moment there is a longing that Thy Grace may prevail, Thy Grace may be the grace, Thy Light may be the light, Thy Self may be the self, and the humanity may learn the oneness with everyone around Thy Creation, and they may learn to love and live in love. 

Give them the awareness not to substitute lust for love.  Oh, Lord, if you have been kind enough through Your Mercy and Grace to create the human being, then create him in the compassion and the impact of the personality to live on the path of righteousness and the higher consciousness which is Thy Grace.  Grant the boon of selflessness.  Grant the boon of giving.  Give them the power to walk on the path of righteousness, Oh Lord of Lords, the One God of gods, the only God, the Supreme Being, the Universal Consciousness, the Cosmos, the Unknown and the Known.  Give the mankind at this moment, peace and tranquility, equilibrium and balance, so that each can find the path of righteousness within and get off the path of ego and destruction.  Oh, Supreme Lord of the being within the being, let the higher consciousness rule.  Let the Holy Name reign, and may Thy Blessings prevail.

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