Man Has to Live in Love: A Poem by Yogi Bhajan

January 1, 2022 |

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Man has to live in love—love which is not lust.

Love where there is no possession, no slavery of another person.

Love which is a giving.

Love which is for the sake of love.

Love which lasts forever.

Love which is a total sacrifice.

Love which is more than the grace of God itself.

Love which gives a halo around the face of the person.

Love through which one can see God in the eyes of the person.

Love with which the body shines, the words become sweet, and the communication is absolutely beautiful.

That love for which one sacrifices his own life to save a little bit of injury to another person.

That love with which one pleasantly and peacefully takes all the pain in his heart to redeem another fellow being.

That love can only flow when one knows how to tune into that universal God.

~Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, June 1970 

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