Mastery, the Beginning

In the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, published in 1979, the Siri Singh Sahib Ji shares this conversation with his Teacher:

“When I mastered Kundalini Yoga, I was sixteen and one half.  That great was the mastery that my teacher told me, ‘Bhajan, you are perfect.’ 

 I said, ‘No, Sir, perfect is God.  God does everything.’ 

 After two hours of discussion, he said, ‘I feel like bowing to you.’ 

 I said,’ No, Sir, I bow to you every day.  If you were one day to bow to me, you would teach me how to bow, that’s all.’ 

 He asked, “Do you not have any feeling?’ 

 I replied, ‘I have a feeling. You have taught me well. You have given me the experience.  I understand.’ 

 He said,’ All right.   Explain your experience to me!’ 

 ‘Sir, the experience is like when one is blind all his life, and then one fine  day he is given eyes and he sees the beauty.  What does he say? ‘ 

 He asked, ‘what does he say?’ 

 ‘Wha!  I have seen the Infinity in experience.’ 

 ‘Are you not happy?’ 

 I said, ‘I am not unhappy at all, but there’s nothing in this to be happy about either, because now the work starts.  I realize the problem, I have the wrench, and now I have to tighten down every nut.  And God, it requires muscle.  Sir, it’s a long way to go.’ 

 He said, ‘Well, use all these tools when you are forty.’ 

 I said ’Thank you.  You have given me some time to enjoy.  I’ll need the experience of the earth, because the earth should be equally strong as the heavens; then you are very much loved by God.’”  (March 20, 1979)


“Yoga of Awareness can make you healthy, happy and holy people.”  

Your experience is important!

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