Miri Piri Academy

December 27, 2005 |

Soorya Kaur (staff member of Yogi Bhajan) shared these words and this photo on page 64-65 of her book YogiJi – The Light of Our Souls, written in 2005

The Miri Piri Academy (MPA), a boarding school for children in Amritsar, India, was established by Yogiji for two basic reasons. The first reason was to take these unusual children with their turbans, different lifestyle and belief system, away from the regular American schools, where they might be exposed to ridicule and to the drug-sex scene that was prevalent. The second reason was to give them an identity that they could be proud of, and to have them live the life of a Gursikh, with everything that it entailed. At the school, besides their regular studies, they practice sadhana, perform seva at the Golden Temple, study the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, learn Gatka (martial art of sword fighting) and Kirtan. The academy has its own Gurdwara (the place where the Siri Guru Granth Sahib resides) where they serve and which they manage. Every child graduating from MPA leaves with a teacher-training certificate in Kundalini Yoga. Very recently, I took my friend Neesha, an Indian Sikh to Amritsar. She visited the Golden Temple and the school Gurdwara, and she said that both experiences were at par. She was so moved by the children and humbled by them at the Gurdwara, that she said they were the true Sikhs and she felt like a pretender.

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