My First Class with Yogi Bhajan

December 19, 2020 |

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Who is Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa

Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa is a pioneer of Kundalini Yoga music. His tunes are Evergreens and are being played in Yoga-studios around the world.

Classics such as Sa Re Sa Sa or Pavan Pavan were used by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, during various meditations, and are still being played thousandfold during Yoga-classes today.

In the 1990s, Yogi Bhajan instructed Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa to compose music to the verses of the Jaap Sahib, one of the central Sikh prayers. Hence the popular CD’s ‘Ajai Alai’ and ‘Raj Yoga’ came into being.

Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa’s musical Style derives from his unique and keen sense for beautiful and catchy melodies and their composition for guitar. With his soft and carrying voice he blesses his music with a unique quality and atmosphere. On his CDs, Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa is often accompanied by the wonderful background vocals of his wife Sarab Shakti Kaur, as well as by his son Hargobind Singh (Hargo), who contributes bass, guitar and vocals. Guest musicians regularly are given a place of honour on his CDs.

Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa is also THE Sadhana composer: no other musician has ever composed and released as many nice Sadhana CDs as he did.

In this video

Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa share his experience with Yogi Bhajan when he first met him and how this was the pivotal moment for his transformation and connection with his destiny, the purpose of his Soul in this life.

He says that Yogi Bhajan have this only goal with every student, to show you how to reach your own Destiny.

You can hear and sing along in this video with his worldwide known version of the mantra Sa Re Sa Sa, that inspire many to connect with this beautiful vibration of creativity and protection.

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