Oh, My Soul

January 8, 1979 |

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This poem, written by Yogi Bhajan, was published on page 48 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, published in 1979.


In those lonely dark nights when the
Horror of lightning strikes the Earth
and shakes its axis.
In that Horror of thunder when even the
giants tremble and nothing is heard.
In that darkness, on that lonely path,
my soul, you are my support,
In the living experience of my life, though
you think you are at a distance in your
You may be separated from me physically,
for reasons unknown to thee and unknown to me,
But my longing takes me a long way to
hover in your unknown ecstasy.
It makes me to go on this path to the
unending journey, which we know as life.

Remember when we saw that beautiful storm,
and we leaned on each other,
And the shock of the thunder shook us,
even the fiber in us?
The lightening only told us we are united,
and that unity gave us the courage to walk again.
Oh, my love, in many lives I have talked,
and you have listened.
You have talked and I have listened.
But we always flow through time and
space into the nothingness of Infinity.

Remember when you told me you cannot make it?
Remember, when you told me you are not holy?
Remember when you told me you are afraid,
and I stopped for a moment?
You started walking again.
You were my spirit of polarity, which
didn’t let me stop.
How can we stop when we have to make it?
And, lo, come and see, on that path we
are walking again.
Together in that radiance, like that blue
sky on which all stars shine at night to
give people the message:
‘There is no such thing as darkness.’
Tomorrow the Sun will shine.
Though they will be gone, they will
come again and give this message,
that we are all rays of the same Light.

I said to you, “Talk to me.” You couldn’t do it.
I said to you, “Hold me.” You couldn’t do it.
I know somebody must have put that fear
in you, that we are not one.
In the Oneness of God, we are always one,
We are never two.
It just happened.
Oh, my love, we do not know the difference.
Whatever you are, whatever I am.
I am I am. You are you are.

We are going to make it, God as my
witness and you as my partner.
On this path, we have walked many times –
Keep Courage.
That is also a gift of God.
Though the thunder is terrible,
and your delicate ears are not meant
to hear that wrath,
But they still can listen to the beat of
my heart,
it is rhythmic and it is going.
Your feet are trembling like the thunder
that makes the Earth tremble with the shock.
But, in the light of your lightning you
can still fill me with spirit.
I promise I will carry on, Oh my soul.

Many times, they cut me into fiber and fiber.
Many times, they struck me to death.
Many times, I thought I was gone.
I never moved.
You are my witness
I was with you.
Therefore, there is nothing.
This path is already laid.
Oh my love, we must walk,
from different directions,
from different places,
from different altitudes ….
Just to believe that you love me and I love you
That is why I created time and space.

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