One Day the Day Shall Come

January 11, 1979 |

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This poem, which was also put to music, was written by Yogi Bhajan and was published on page 51 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, published in 1979.

One day the day shall come
When all the glory shall be Thine.
People shall say it’s yours,
I shall deny: Not mine!

In the rhythm of ecstasy,
In the power of the might,
God shall send us around, to spread a great light.
And we shall go,
Always hand in hand.
And we’ll be known
Live a bunch and a band.

But still, we shall sing the Grace of God unto infinity,
And we shall cleanse the heart of that duality,
And we shall be the mighty nation across.
We shall win almost every heart,
In the warmth of the home and the life,
As long as we will know
Where we belong.

And that shall be the day
When there shall be a bright sun,
With all salutation, imagination,
There shall be a very, very sweet,
Healthy, happy and holy incarnation.
I shall say and I shall deny,
You shall say, and it will be a great cry.

The day, a day shall come
When all the glory shall be Thine,
People shall say it’s yours,
I shall deny: Not mine!

Here’s what Livtar Singh has to say about this:

This is Yogi Bhajan at his birthday party in (I think) 1970.

Very early in his time in America, it was a kind of hippy scene. So the language he is speaking is to that time and place.

This is a jam. There was no rehearsal, no song ahead of time. This was Yogi ji jamming in his 3rd language!

And, OK, he wasn’t known as a singer. He’s just going with the flow.

He is teaching by singing the message. This was practiced by the Sikh Gurus and many others.

They start off slow, then the ‘band’, a loose collection of musicians gradually picks up a rhythm and the song takes shape. It’s pretty familiar to westerners, but I promise, it was not a ‘thing’ to Yogi Bhajan.

The song that develops here, was later turned into one of the anthems of 3HO. “We are the people, the people of love. Let us people love today.”

Snatam Kaur also put part of this poem to music in this song on her album:

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