Panth Rattan ~ Jewel of the Khalsa

January 8, 2021 |

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Mahan Pattar

Presented to Siri Singh Sahib Habhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji on April 14th 1999, Siri Keshghar Sahib – Anandpur Sahib

English translation of above Punjabi writing

Guru’s decorated one, Jewel of the Panth, Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh ji Khalsa jio

Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki fateh

The seva you have done for the Khalsa Panth by taking the message of the Guru Shabd around the world, but especially to the Western Hemisphere, is unmatched in history. You are a living example of the golden shower of nectar that prevails through Anandpur Sahib every morning. Guru Ram Das ji is the shinning lotus flower in the infinite legacy from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh. He is the ultimate example of the coolness of truth in this world. It is our prayer that you always, consistently and constantly, receive the shower of blessings of the great Guru Ram Das.

You are the warrior-saint son of Guru Gobind Singh, the true Guru and true prophet who shines in every heart, mind, and soul like a moonbeam. We pray that your pure seva for the heritage and philosophy of Sikh Dharma shall be accepted in the court of the True Guru. We pray that the whole Sikh sangat across the planet is blessed with peace, contentment and love, especially the Khalsa in the Western Hemisphere who are cozy, truthful, and live in the image of the Guru.

Remember that the undying God, Waheguru, who is the ultimate forgiver, resides in every heart throughout all times. May all people be blessed and may the Truth prevail. By Akal Purkh’s Will, on the 300th celebration of the Khalsa, in the name of the 10th Master and Mata Sahib Kaur, from the throne of Keshgarh Sahib and with Guru’s blessings, you are being honored with this letter of grace today.

May Guru be with you in every limb and fiber
Vaisakhi 1999

Slave of the Guru
Manjit Singh
Takhat Siri Keshgarh Sahib
Siri Anandpur Sahib

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