Peace Prayers by Yogi Bhajan (Part 1)

March 18, 2022 |

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May peace be your virtue, may peace be your property, may peace be your prayer. May you bring peace to all those you meet, you talk to, you live with. May you even bring peace to the person you hate, your enemy. May your friend enjoy your peaceful disposition and may your enemies enjoy your peaceful opposition. May this world be based on one word: Peace, as God has shredded Himself into all souls and piece by piece we get together into this beautiful world. May in our hearts we pray this day for world peace. Sat Nam

It is my prayer to ask you to let us hold each other in respect and grace, and pray for peace. Let our little voice be heard within the light of God, so we can bring tranquility, bounty, beauty and bliss to mankind. I hope you share in these thoughts in the presence of Almighty God within you and that allows you to bring peace to planet Earth. That is what Mother Earth is asking.

May God bless us with dignity, with consciousness, with grace. May God gives us prosperity, health, wealth, happiness and love. May there be peace in the world, peace in our families, peace in our lives, peace in our selves. May you all prosper, be graceful and find excellence in your life. May the life come to you as a song of love and joy. Sat Nam

Peace be our prayer. Peace be our motto, motive, and mission. May we have peace of mind, peace of self, peace in the Universe, peace in our families, peace in our relationships, between our friends and all humans, and may we achieve peace between our enemies and ourselves.

The creative world needs a future; it needs an awareness. Thou is the God Creator. Give every woman the strength and reflexivity that she can understand man and reality; and give all men a code of honor, so they can have tolerance in place of conflict. We pray for peace in this world, peace in the heart of people. May thy grace befall on all those who need thy spirit. And the spirit which is in all of us, may we be united in love and oneness. Sat Nam

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