Peace Prayers by Yogi Bhajan (Part 2)

March 19, 2022 |

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Meditate for peace, tranquility, happiness, joy, and bliss. Feel the energy of the Sun and Moon, the Universe, all planets, all gods and goddesses, saints and sages, all good people, all kind people, all grateful people. They are all radiating their energy to you, and you are receiving peace. Fill yourself, and take a part out of the Universe and its nectar. Just meditate that the petals of the flowers are being showered on you, throughout the heavens, by all the saints and sages, holy men, gods and goddesses. People of dignity and grace and virtue are showering blessings on you. We are blessed by Guru and Gurus and by all those who came throughout time and gave the message of God. They are all radiating their light to you and you are vibrating under that radiation.

Peace unto every heart. Peace unto thee. Peace to foes, to enemies. Peace to those who do not see the truth. Peace and peaceful vibrations to the entire creation, the beautiful creation of that great Creator; and may peace prevail through everyone. Sat Nam

God bless us, give us peace, give the world peace, let us all live in peace. Shine in us, divine in us, dwell in us, give the beauty, bliss and bounty. We are Thy creation; oh Lord Creator of us, come through us, be in us, let Thy hand guide us, let Thy spirit keep us, let Thy will make us to be. Bless us, let us live in happiness, health, wealth and prosperity. In Thy name we pray, Sat Nam

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