Peace Prayers by Yogi Bhajan (Part 3)

March 19, 2022 |

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May you all be blessed, may the tranquility and peace you have created within your physical boundaries exalt you to affect the entire world. May you be exalted to peace, love and happiness. May the hand of God protect you and provide you and may Mother Nature give you all the love you need. Have a wonderful day in the light of God, in the love of God, in the essence and tranquility of God. Wherever you go today, spread smiles and peace in God’s name. May you be in peace, deeper and deeper and shine and shine like living light. Sat Nam

May God bless us with dignity, with consciousness, with grace; may God give us prosperity, health, wealth, happiness and love. May there be peace in the world, peace in our families, peace in our life, peace in our self. May you all prosper, be graceful and find excellence in your life. May the life come to you as a song of love and joy. Sat Nam

Peace unto me, Peace within me, Peace in my mind, Peace in my surroundings, Peace to all, Peace to the Universe. May there be peace in the world. May there be peace all over the world, forever.

May you create peace within your being, understand your strength, create a relationship with your own soul and find the personal, impersonal, and universal truth in your actions. May this day bring you the light of life and may you understand you are here to be here with joy, happiness, and prayer. May you all be blessed. Sat Nam. 

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