Premka (Beloved)

September 30, 1980 |

Categories: Poetry

A poem by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa YogiJi, as printed in the 1980 Beads of Truth, Bead 5, Volume II.

When I took the support of Truth
I became drenched in the radiance of love and truth.
The Holy Name was set into
The breath of my life.

I went into ecstasy and became radiant like shining gold.
The True Guru held my hand.
I left behind greed, lust, ego and desire.
I gave up sensuality, sexuality and anger.
The True Guru held my hand.

I perfected the Yoga of Sat Nam
And divine radiance came into my destiny.
My guide showed me the infinite path.
I focused my consciousness,
The lotus of infinity bloomed,
And the divine light came to me effortlessly.

The beloved came to me out of love.
Oh people, I became my own divine majesty.
And God came to live within my consciousness.
I, the beloved, became the beloved.
I was blessed with this stage of experience.

When I grasped the hand of Truth,
Divine light began to radiate, within me and without.
My consciousness was raised into the divine light.
The True Guru held my hand.

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