Purest Steel (Chittaa Lohaa)

March 17, 2021 |

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This poem is from page 103 of the book  “Furmaan Khalsa: Poems to Live By” by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji:     

I am White Hot Steel.
My touch burns deep!
No one can bear it.

My heart throbs . . . anguished!
I take no notice of it.
There is nothing to say.

High thoughts . . .
In Ecstasy . . .

This Vibrating Joy
Through the many tests of life
Never lets me fall.

The destination is far . . .
Many nights spent traveling . . .
Licked by the Flame of God’s Light,
I have become that Radiance
And that Absolute Strength.

Many lonely nights, I remain in my High Thoughts . . .
Swallowing my loneliness . . .
No one sees through me.

Inventing slander and telling lies.
They are trying to stop me.
But from the moment it started
I have been an Arrow of White-Hot Steel!
No one else could have endured it.

In Union with God,
Watching the riot of countless colors,
Today I found my Beloved.

The dreams of night
Offer refuge from the sweat of the day.
Though my body feels crooked with age,
Still, I answer the Call.

My fire burns forever
Death cannot touch it.
Radiant Self,
Sheet of Pure White Flame!
Ever remains . . .
My heart beats in Union with God.

Oh, sleeping Soul
Swallowed in darkness.

The centuries fall away.
The Karma dissolves.
The bonds are broken.
Today . . .
Be filled with the Light of God.

Slander is meaningless.
God ever remembers his son of White-Hot Steel.
As the Universe is vast
So deep is my mark.
It remains forever.

Etched in the Stars
Endless Unspeakable Melody.
These are Thy Pure white signs in Heaven.

White Hawk of Guru Gobind Singh
Infinite Naad of Guru Arjan.
These are Thy pure white signs in Heaven.
Enchanting symbols of Humanity’s Freedom.
Bondage is ended.
The dead awaken.
Young warriors rise and stretch their limbs.
The Khalsa Nation returns
To carry the Spirit
Beyond all burdens.

They bear the indelible mark
Of White-Hot Steel.

In the sky . . .
A White Hawk is flying

Humanity’s call

To Freedom!

Here is a video where Siri Singh Sahib Ji (Yogi Bhajan) talks about this original poem written in Punjabi and asks Guruka Singh to read this English translation.


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