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November 2, 2023 |

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Kundalini Massage acts on the Chakras to promote better circulation of vital energy. It mainly deals with rebalancing the person, amplifying all the energies and the ability to perceive. For a Kundalini Yoga teacher, a Sat Nam Rasayan healer, but also for anyone who practices other types of holistic massage, this technique is definitely a valuable enrichment to help people, your students or loved ones who sometimes they need something more.

Kundalini Massage is not just a simple set of movements, but it is love, listening, meditation, it’s bringing yourself into a space of deep listening in which to take care of the person from the warmth of your heart. The experience we are referring to is the most difficult thing in the world and at the same time the most important, giving yourself to the other through the energy of the hands. 

This is the real opportunity: To have a tool that can unlock those deep parts which are often difficult to reach with other techniques, to make people extraordinarily aware of their breath, their energy and their state of well-being, which potentially anyone can achieve.

Dyal Kaur established a school of Kundalini Massage in 2023, which is recognized by a national Italian sport authority. She is also the founder of the active Lotus Yoga Center in Trissino, Vicenza, Italy.

Dyal Kaur is from Northern Italy. She has been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Massage for more than 35 years. A student of Yogi Bhajan since 1984, she has participated in numerous of his seminars held in Italy, deepening the study and practice of Yogic Massage techniques. She also studied with some of the early KY students in Italy, as well as with Master Guru Dev Singh, following his Sat Nam Rasayan seminars. She also explored the practice of Kundalini Yoga during pregnancy, prenatal massage and the therapeutic power of sound. 

The path of Kundalini Yoga began in 1984, when, following a very serious accident and a near-death experience, insomnia and depression, she ended up with a strong dependence on psychotropic drugs.

She began working with a psychiatrist who invited her to a Yogi Bhajan seminar in Rome. From the first moment, it was clear that this was the path she had to take to save herself. She then discovered this extraordinary massage technique, the Kundalini Massage.  Every month she traveled to Rome to be treated with both Yoga and Kundalini Massage, and the more she felt the energy of life begin to flow through her again, the more her desire to learn increased. From there, she dedicated her life to this discipline and kept the knowledge of Kundalini Massage as a precious treasure for herself, bringing it to those who needed it, teaching it to those who had the desire, making it her life’s mission.

There are still no texts of everything that she memorized except for the few small handouts from the 1980s. This is why now, at 75 years old, with the help of her daughter Guru Prakash, Dyal Kaur is making an enormous effort to spread this wonderful technique, to hand it over to those who can carry forward the knowledge that has been entrusted to her, which continues to change the lives of many people. These techniques are such a great legacy that we cannot allow them to be forgotten.

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