Shakti – A Poem by Yogi Bhajan

November 6, 2020 |

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This is the yogi’s guide map.

It tells of the movement of the energy through the spine and into the third eye.
This is the journey of the soul. After all the time wasted in pursuit of Maya, the unreal world, eventually we come to a teacher who can liberate us.
Constant meditation on Akaal, the undying ONE, brings the ability to have knowledge of the future in the present.
Meditating through the breath, it settles and merges into the third eye.
When the pineal gland secretes, it is called the’ nectar from the realm of Brahm’. It gives the ecstasy, the illumination, the Nirvana.
Then the student is liberated. All is known to that humble one.
This was the personal journey of Yogi Bhajan. It describes the way for all who would follow and bow their heads in the Golden Chain.

~Livtar Singh Khalsa


By Yogi Bhajan

Wasting his past in pursuit of Maya

Remembering Akal, in the present one gains future knowledge

The breath settles in the Tricuty third eye

Through Ida and Pingala energy flows

Shushmana is energized

The thousand petaled lotus turns

The nectar trickles from the realm of Brahm
The Gurusikh is liberated

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