Summer Solstice: Grace

June 10, 2022 |

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Step 5 of the 7 Steps of Happiness – Grace

Grace of the Sword

America is an extraordinary nation.

It is the place where Yogi Bhajan decided to move.

It was the basis for the development of the path of Kundalini yoga.

There was something in America that Yogi Bhajan knew would be difficult to find in other countries:

 Such a powerful nature

 Santa Clara Canyon in the Jemez Mountains in northern New Mexico is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Valleys, endless expanses of trees, woods, rivers and mountains, a majestic environment full of the grace and strength of creation

Those places were sacred to the Pueblo Indians and to the ancient lineage of the native tradition.

At the beginning of the 1970s, in the midst of the hippie revolution, Yogi Bhajan organized the summer solstice in that earthly paradise.

They were long days, full of wonderful experiences, and many people who were ready to come together to share and grow in the light of truth.

Yogi Bhajan taught thousands of people.

Each year, the more Yogi Bhajan taught, the more the vibration of kundalini yoga increased in North America, Europe and across the globe.

The practice of yoga and meditation gives us the ability to change the way we react to events which happen in our lives.

The more we discover ourselves, and the more we realize our natural state of divinity, the more we will change the way we react to events in our lives.

This awareness is the gift of Grace.

Grace in the language of the Gurus is synonymous with strength and lightness.

It is the clean cut of the sword blade that without violence gives dignity and divinity to our every gesture.

On June 25-26* we will meet together for a new version of the summer solstice.

We will come together from all over the world as a unique sangat, from different cultures, with different ways of experiencing Kundalini Yoga and our lifestyle, to enrich ourselves with experience and to recognize our soul in relation to the one great essence.

At this virtual summer solstice event, we will celebrate our life together—our life which in every moment generates a new opportunity to be, a new perspective of evolution, a new sense of thanks for who we are, and who we would not have been without these beautiful teachings.

Join us.

*Some time zones will end on June 27

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