The Administrator’s Alphabet

August 30, 1991 |

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The  Sirl Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan  dictated the following Administrator’s Alphabet to his staff.  Here it is as it appeared in the Summer, 1991 Beads of Truth.

People are the most valuable asset to any busi­ness or institution, but it is always a question of how to bring out their best qualities, both for themselves and the company.  The Administrator’s Alphabet helps to give guidance on how to do that.

A   Administrator I am.

B   I will Bounce off everybody and everybody will Bounce off me.

C   I will catch but no one will catch me.

D  Diplomacy works for Development.

E  Efficiency, not what you deserve or desire. Not proof or profit. What you Effectively negotiate.

F  is for Future. Harmoniously planning effective discipline.  Rational communication will guarantee a prosperous Future.

G  God, Good and Goods. Administrate with Godly qualities, with Good behavior and by creating Goods for others.

H  Height. I am the scale between high and low. I am the administrator.

I   I am at your service. I am at your call. I am the administrator to an­swer the call of duty.

J   Every Jerk has to be dealt with as a Joke. Humor is the way of communication.

K  Kindness effectively controls everything.

L  Longevity of the administration depends on my efficiency and effective negotiation with my subordinates and effective deliverance to my superiors.

M  Manners. Manners guarantee the smoothness of working and make the day.

N  Nature. The nature of things has to be dealt with and has to be felt. Nurture everybody to adhere to your administrative quality.

O  Opportunity. Good Organization brings good Opportunities.

P  Personality. Play pure Personality with power to solve problems.

Q  Quickly understand but never quickly judge.

R  Rational involvement of others for opinions, problem-solving, and decisions is not a weakness but a strength.

S  Sincere, Serious, Service is the way to be Serene, Strong, and Sensible.

T  Trust in God and Trust everybody for nothing. Involve, be inductive, and decide deductively.

U  Universal, University, and You exist in one spot.

V  Virtue. Adopt other’s Virtues but value your own grace. That will win the race.

W  Wisdom is the ultimate success. Be wise to rise in life. Wisdom brings profit; without it you lose a lot. Wisdom is virtuous

X   X is the negative with a positive attitude and with a better substitute. Plan well and swell.

Y  Youth. Talk, look, and be youthful. Youth is an art and a science. It is an essential ingredient of the administrator. Dress well and be well.

Z  Zeal will appeal and heal the wound. Cause may be any; effect should be harmony.

To learn more about the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan’s, teachings on success, see: Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path To Abundance. 

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