The Command of the Khalsa

April 16, 2021 |

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This poem is from page 187 of the book  “Furmaan Khalsa: Poems to Live By” by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji:  


(Furmaan Khalsa)

The Command of the Khalsa is to live the Rehit!

The Perfect Khalsa has learned this.

The technology of the Rehit belongs to the Khalsa who lives it

And becomes one with the Perfect Guru.

The Command of the Khalsa has been given by God.

The Gurmantra has been placed within our hearts.

Obedience is the way to Reality.

Only those who live the Rehit are liberated.

The Command of the Khalsa is the very Spirit of the Khalsa,

And its daily practice is the Way of the Khalsa.

The Command of the Khalsa holds the Essence

Of the Torah, Bible, Vedas and Koran,

The Simritis, Puranas, and the wisdom of Buddha,

Yoga, Meditation and Remembrance of the Nam.

Oh Yogi! The Infinite Lord has blessed me

with Divine Wisdom

And the Inner Treasure of the Holy Nam.

Siri Singh Sahib ~ Yogi Bhajan: The saint, the teacher, the humanitarian, the leader. Within these pages of “Furmaan Khalsa” lies a manual of conscious living written in the form of 108 luminous and inspiring poems. Based on the science of human consciousness called Raj Yog and written as a guide for future generations, these poems answer questions on how to live successfully with an open heart and mind amidst the challenges of the modern world.

Read the Forward, Dedication and Introduction to Furmaan Khalsa.   If you are interested in purchasing this book, visit the SDI Marketplace or Sat Nam Europe 

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