The Loving One

January 9, 1979 |

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This was written by Karta Purkh Kaur Khalsa from Kalispell, Montana and published in 1979 on page 129 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib

Who is this man of God?
Who walks upon the earth? Who talks about Infinity?
He is the selfless one who lives on, so others may also know.

Where does this hu-man exist?
Within the breath and words of you
Within the light of your soul
Beyond time and space in the dignity and grace of Truth.

We are the ones who don’t see, or hear, or know.
Yet we say we do, such is maya.
For he is the pure one who remains humble and graceful
Whatever deeds he performs are righteous,
Whatever words he utters are wise,
Like our Creator, he is the indescribable one whose virtues are unknown.

Whenever we need inspiration,
Whenever we seek understanding,
Whenever we ask forgiveness,
It is an act of humility before God and Guru.
Let us never cater to negativity but live with
humility and courage as this man does and then we will BE One.


It is with patience that he brings us through the past;
It is with courage that he guides us during the present;
It is with faith that he directs us towards the future.

By Guru’s Grace he is our teacher.
LISTEN: for he shares all knowledge.
By God’s Grace he is our model,
LIVE as he has shown us.


These lives are a blessing from our Creator – they belong to no other.
Life is so simple – just always remember God, serve God, Praise God
and thank God and you will BE- the God, the love the Truth forever.

Who is this saint of the Greatest One?
Who is this servant of Guru Ram Das?
The one who lives with compassion, courage, and calmness
The one who Loves, who simply, purely, and gently loves all.

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