The Master’s Touch

October 30, 1985 |

Categories: Poetry

This poem by Guruka Singh, written in Fall of 1985 appears in the book, Furmaan Khalsa.

With perfect timing,
Reaching out through all barriers,
Distance dissolves…

With infinite care and patience
The Master’s Touch
Quickly slides past
The tender strutting ego
To touch the chosen spot…

Suddenly (just a touch)
The heart springs open, love welling up.

Lightly (just a touch)
The Ajna opens, crystal clear vision.

Inside (just a touch)
The Truth flows through.

Just a touch,
The Tenth Gate spirals open, wide,
Vast, cool, open, clear, shining…
     Gratitude no words can tell
     Happiness beyond any explanation.
     How can the utter joy of devotion
     Be understood?

Fall in Love…
Falling free…
Falling deep…
Keep on falling
Light as a feather

The Master Musician tunes his celestial strings,

The Master Carpenter fits the joint,
To last forever.

The Master Smith forges shining steel,
From dross.

The Master Farmer plants the seed of Naam,
Within the heart.

The Master Cutter cleaves the diamond,
To reveal the inner light.

The Master Dancer dances the dance,
That lies beyond the mind.

The Master Yogi knows,
All there is to know.

The Master Tantric cleans the filth,
Of lifetimes.

The Master laughs!

His heart thunder booms
Through the earth and heavens.

The rain falls on all alike
The lime is ever right
The moment perfect!
The Master’s Touch…

Delicately shaping
The future of the world.

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