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January 16, 1979 |

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This prayer is by Siri Singh Sahib Ji and shared in the book, “The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib”, which was published in 1979.

“Oh, Formless in form, Oh Being, the Supreme Being, Oh Truth in truthful existence within existence, Oh Virtue in virtue, Oh Grace in grace, Oh All in everything, Oh Cause in every cause, Oh Known and Unknown, Oh One, Oh Many; our existence is concentrating its totality at this time on the Totality of all totality. 

Grant us the boon of purity, supreme consciousness, tolerance and understanding.  Show us the way to walk on the path, the only path to the only God of gods.  Oh Lord of all lords, that is the path of righteousness, the path of Truth, the path of consciousness, so that we can reach Thee.  Oh Destination of all destinations, grant us the power of joy and bliss of Thy existence to praise Thee, Oh Praise of all praises.  Oh elevated Self, give us the chance, give us the time, give us the power to convert this energy, to relate to Thee, Oh Relation of all relationships.  May we penetrate our determined self so that our lower self can surrender to our own higher self.   May the Grace of Guru Ram Das prevail.  May his vibration cleanse all.  May his humility lead us to the divinity, and may the ecstasy of Wahe Guru give us the joy and the bliss.” 

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