The Power of Prayer

January 13, 1979 |

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This prayer by Yogi Bhajan was given in December, 1973 and shared in the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, published in 1979.

“When the heart prays, God obeys.  Prayer is one instrument in the head of man which can subject God and command Him to action.  When the heart of one opens up for prayer, the heart of the Big One opens up to obey.  Prayer is a key which opens the biggest lock of destiny.  Prayer is said and prayer is heard.  There is  never a reaction, provided it is a prayer from the very heart of you.

Guru Ram Das is our shield.  He is bound by his words to all saints and sages, to all beautiful ones.  Prayer is a prayer.  While praying, have no bias.  We always pray to the One Infinite: 

‘Oh Formless in every form, Oh Beyond, still bound by the love, Oh Unknown still known by the creation, Oh Truth in living maya, Oh Lord of lords, Oh God of Gods, Oh One Infinite God, Oh Supreme Being of all beings, it is Thy Grace that you have given us the breath of life.  And with the power of that breath of life, we pray unto Thee to open to us the path to be healthy, happy and holy.  Grant us what we need so that we can fly Thy banner with Thy honor and with Thy Grace.’

When prayer goes, it goes!  And when the heart gets into the prayer, every beat of the heart creates a miracle.  If you want to see and feel the power of the man, it is in his prayer.  And when the prayer is sent, then God follows.  That’s one area where Almighty God follows the man.  That’s the power of prayer.  Guru Nanak gave a prayer:

Nanak nam cherrdee kalaa tere bhanee sarbat kaabhalaa

Nanak, for the sake of Thy Name Oh Lord, let every spirit be exalted and everybody be blessed

Everybody – so in everybody, you are also a part.”

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