The Unfolding of a Yellow Rose

January 30, 1979 |

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This poem, written by Karta Purkh Kaur Khalsa of Kalispell, Montana was published on page 88-89 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, published in 1979.

Through torrential rains of many births, your ever-glowing light
has guided me on, guided me on.

Through pangs of growth misunderstood, your love has kept
me strong and smooth, oh so smooth.

Through trials and tests of merging I’s with one another,
your egolessness inspired me, inspired me true.

Whenever demanded to sacrifice and give, my ego strained,
your selflessness taught me to share with care, to share with care.

When I was learning, striving on, pushing too hard,
your patience told me it’s only by God’s Grace, only by God’s grace.

When I didn’t listen, my ego bent and I lied to my grace,
your compassion so warm, rekindled my true self.

As I carried on frustrated and hurt in self-pity,
your eyes of wisdom made me see, made me realize.

As events clasped my being, I struggled against God’s Will
but, your example told me, this is not my life, is not my life.

As pride consumed my innocence and falsehood claimed me,
your everlasting strength and goodwill kept me from losing all,
from losing all.

And now all that I once valued does not matter because
as you have said, none of this shall remain,
for we belong to a True One, a True One.

And though there’s more to learn, and live in this life,
your selflessness to continue serving soothes my longing, soothes my longing.

And when the Truest sends the blessing that we may return,
I thank God truly for sharing this space with you, with kind you.

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