Translating the Teachings into Italian

November 2, 2023 |

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Because of the lack of KY manuals and other writings by Yogi Bhajan in my native language (Italian), when I started teaching KY, it was difficult to hand out copies of the kriyas to my students. Therefore, I started the project called “On…Being” where I dedicated myself to translate as many books as possible. To date, my team and I have translated 35 books and manuals. I will discuss this process in hopes to inspire others to translate the amazing teachings of our Master Yogi Bhajan.

Sujan Singh (Andrea Calamita) has been a Kundalini Yoga teacher level 1 and 2 since 2005 in Rome, Italy.  He also has a three-year CYD diploma (and related Master’s “in Yoga for women” – Phases of development in the growth of women’s bodies ~ The choice of a new birth: preparation for childbirth ~ Post-birth: the new consciousness of being parents). He has a C.S.A. certification and CONI Level I and II Instructor. In 2005, he co-founded the Yoga Center Jap, which he runs.

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