True Food (Sat Bhoj II)

July 31, 2021 |

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The following poem was written by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan and appears on page 32-33 of the book, Furmaan Khalsa.

Here is the Guru’s message:
Whoever hears, obeys, and spreads it,
His mind will become filled with that God
Whose Glory can never be told.

Never eat anything
Which can walk or fly or swim away from you!

Such meat
Will destroy your body,
Poison your mind,
And leave you in pain.

Alcohol kills the mind’s positivity.
And the ever itchy mind
Smells the sweet smell of temptation
Again and again.

Beans, Vegetables, Roots and Fruits.
Milk, Yoghurt and pure pure Water
Your Golden Body
Will live long.
Your mind
Your heart

The Yogi says:
The essence of True Food,
The Guru’s Langar,
Is a beautiful miracle.

Whoever eats the Guru’s Langar,
And feeds it to others,
Shall never be sick.

The Brahm Gyani speaks from his knowledge of God:
Oh Yogi! Union with God is Glorious!

Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan: The saint, the teacher, the humanitarian, the leader.  Within these pages of “Furmaan Khalsa ” lies a manual of conscious living written in the form of 108 luminous and inspiring poems. Based on the science of human consciousness called Raj Yog and written as a guide for future generations, these poems answer questions on how to live successfully with an open heart and mind amidst the challenges of the modern world.

Read the Forward, Dedication and Introduction to Furmaan Khalsa.   If you are interested in purchasing this book, visit the SDI Marketplace or Sat Nam Europe. 

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