Wha Wha Loves Me

November 2, 2020 |

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This is the story, the cosmic story, of Wha Wha.

(Lyrics at the bottom)

Yogi Bhajan was in the car one day with some people. They drove by a pet  shop. Yogi ji happened to look in through the pet shop window and  spotted the puppy, a white Westy (or West Highland Terrier).    

He told the driver to STOP!  Turn around, go back, and get that puppy.

He named the male puppy Wha Wha. (later, a black Scottie would be added to the family as companion for him. She was named Wha Wee.)  

Wha Wha became a proud protector of Yogi ji. He took his job very seriously.   Not in a mean way, but as a sharp observer of people’s demeanor and intent.

Later in his life, he started to have health issues with his lungs.  He was sent away from smoggy L.A. to the clear air of Tennessee to live  with Rai Kaur (and family), a veterinarian.  

No one realized how much he resented being sent away, until Yogi ji came to visit one time.   

 Yogi ji sat on a chair. Others gathered around a coffee table. Yogi jj  was at one end of the table, everyone else on the sides.    

Wha Wha was let into the room.  Wha Wha went to each person around the  table, nuzzled them, took a scratch behind the ear, and said hello.    

But when he came to Yogi ji, he raised his nose up in the air and  pranced right past him, without even glancing in his direction! Even with Yogi ji calling to him, “Hey, Wha Wha!”, he looked straight and marched past him.  

Wha Wha then continued around the table, saying hello to each and every other person. Then he sat down without acknowledging Yogi ji in the slightest.     

It took about 15 minutes before Wha Wha decided to forgive him. He  finally came over and “allowed”  Yogi ji to pet him.   

I saw this with my own eyes, or I would not have believed it. This was a  relationship on a level far beyond pet and master. This was equals.  

The poem is at once a tribute to his faithful servant, and about seeing the infinite working through the personality and form of Wha Wha. God in  the form of Dog.  God in the form of any student who becomes master.

The aspects of the Wha Wha’s character, service and devotion result in liberation. Ultimate wealth.  Doesn’t matter which incarnation you are in at the time. 

When Wha Wha passed away, Sat Simran, who also loved Wha Wha, happened to be flying across country. She was over Tennessee at the exact moment it happened. She was dozing and had a dream/vision of a great throng of people chanting and raising a great soul into the heavens.

She didn’t know what it meant, until later after she landed and heard the news.

Here is Yogi ji’s tribute to perfect devotion.


Wha Wha loves me, Wha Wha great is God

Chanting Wha Wha I became majestic

Acquired great wealth, all debts paid

Great Great I say, again and again, Nam has nourished my soul

Wha Wha loves me  Wha Wha great is God

1st Verse

Wha Wha the name of God.

Bestower of bliss, destroyer of karma

Wha Wha divine employee has one job continually listening to Holy Nam

2nd Verse

Wha Wha glory of God’s creation

Wha Wha full of God’s grace

Wha Wha messenger of service,

dressed in God’s glory

In body of dog exists the body of divine knowledge

Wha Wha  great sevadar, doer of great service

Guru the pilgrimage and shrine

Morning sadhana the holy bathing

3rd Verse

Bravo for Wha Wha the one God’s dog

Wha Wha’s awake while Bhajan’s asleep

Wha Wha loves Bhajan, Krishna loves Radha

The God of God’s victory Wha Wha has won

Wha Wha true friend of the Guru’s home

if Wha Wha meditates and chants Wha Guru

Wha Wha will merge with the Wha Guru

Wha Wha will merge with the Wha Guru

4th Verse

Wha Wha created in dog form.

Repeating Wha Wha washes karmas away

Wha Wha teaches perfect devotion.

Merging oneself in Wha Wha

Becoming great in Wha Wha

Becoming great in the glory of God

Becoming great in Wha Wha

Becoming great in the glory of God


Poem by Yogi Bhajan

Music by Livtar Singh Khalsa © 1980 – 2020

Visit Livtar Singh’s YouTube Channel to listen to more of his music

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