What Miri Piri Academy has Given Me

April 27, 2021 |

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It is hard for me to mention the many things that I got from MPA and how my memories and learning there have an especial place in my heart where I shall when I need to feel that life has a meaning and I have a place in the universe and the same universe is happy for me to be part of it.

MPA showed me the courage that I have for me to able to keep up and accomplish the things that I want/need to do in life, MPA showed me to choose the right people I want to be surrounded with. I also learned in MPA how to take care of my mind, my person, and my soul, and how much I am worth and how much I can accomplish, and how to find how far I want to get.

MPA showed me a new way to see people and life and a different way to relate with people, relate with their soul and truth when possible, and taught me how valuable the people are who accompany me on my spiritual path, and how we grow together towards our excellence and higher consciousness.

At MPA I learned that the wildness that is part of me has the purpose to protect myself and take care of myself and the people that surround me, and that is part of me.

MPA taught me to be fearless about who I am and the way I think and about sharing my person, my ideas, and thoughts and to stand for them, for what I can share with the world, protect, develop, teach,  fight for, and heal.

MPA was and I hope will still be a place that can show people their higher consciousness and self, where they can develop their mind, soul, and body.

MPA is one of the best experiences of my life that makes up a great part of who I am to this day.

~Luis Roberto Gómez Luna (Mehtaab Singh, 1653)

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