What You Put in Your Mouth (Bhoj Gyan)

July 21, 2021 |

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This poem is from page 34-35 of the book  “Furmaan Khalsa: Poems to Live By” by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji:     

Smoking turns your life to ashes
And keeps the Life Force from resting in your heart.
If you smoke, then you have strayed from life’s True Path
And cannot know the reality of the Essence of the Nam.

Smoking makes you sick.
It slowly destroys your body,
Until the final pain of death.

In the company of smokers,
The inner desires of the heart remain unfulfilled
And the deep color of God’s Love is not attained.
A smoker is miserable
And cannot escape his death and his Karmas.

Oh, Human Being! Don’t Smoke!

Learn the teachings of Raj Yoga
And practice Pranayam instead.
Experience the Yogic Technology,
And your bodily ills shall be wiped away.

Oh, Human Being!

Fall in Love with God’s Name and remember it over and over
With every breath you take!

The True Game of Life is to control your own mind!
Learn how to do it, and you will merge with God!

Drinking alcohol kills your body.
It takes away your Inner Power and makes you live in pain.
The heart and the liver become enlarged,
And the Crown Lotus cannot open.

Leave all intoxicants behind and eat the Honey of Nam instead,
And your body will become Golden and Divine!

The Body is the Temple of God…
It is filled with the Guru’s Radiance!

The Guru’s Langar agrees well with it!

The Yogi speaks this Divine Wisdom:
The Ultimate Reality is only experienced within a clean body!

Siri Singh Sahib ~ Yogi Bhajan: The saint, the teacher, the humanitarian, the leader. Within these pages of “Furmaan Khalsa” lies a manual of conscious living written in the form of 108 luminous and inspiring poems. Based on the science of human consciousness called Raj Yog and written as a guide for future generations, these poems answer questions on how to live successfully with an open heart and mind amidst the challenges of the modern world.

Read the Forward, Dedication and Introduction to Furmaan Khalsa.   If you are interested in purchasing this book, Visit the SDI Marketplace or Sat Nam Europe 

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