White Tantric Yoga – As Shared in the Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib

January 17, 1979 |

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Written by M.S.S. Gurucharn Singh Khalsa from Boston, MA, USA and S.S. Viriam Singh Khalsa from Eugene, OR, USA, as published on pages 164-170 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib:

Namo jog joge Svarang. 
Namo Tantra Tantrang. 
I bow to that science which unites me with God. 
I bow to the fiber of creativity. 

Guru Gobind Singh, Jaap

“Here tantra means length and breadth.  The exact meaning of tantra is like when you weave cloth, there is a length (warp) and there is a breadth (woof).  The length is called taanaa and the breadth is called petaa.  Tantra deals with the longitude and latitude of the entire cosmos… Tantra is a science of unison which teaches and leads one from the multison to the unison through the longitude and latitude of the entire Cosmos.”

Throughout the universe, one can readily identify two basic principles, called by many names.  These manifestations are man-woman, light-dark, negative-positive, expansion-contraction, yin-yang, the creative and the receptive; they are the operating forces that are the fabric of all existence and the cause of all change.

The dynamics of interaction that govern interstellar motion, sub-atomic fusion and human personality are the same.  This is the world of form.  Life itself is literally a comparative study of these principles in action and reaction to each other.  That place where opposites meet is tantra.  That point where light meets dark is tantra.  That point where man and woman merge is tantra.  White tantric Yoga is literally the science of consciousness dealing with the union of opposites.  Yoga means union and tantra is specifically the union of polarities.

In the West, Tantric Yoga is a very misrepresented science.  While a line is of only one dimension, and day night are bound in their course, man and woman exist as three bodies- physical, mental, and spiritual.  Their union can occur on the physical alone, but it is then bound by physical conditions.  Union can occur on the mental and emotional plane as well, but that level is also subject to the changing tides of feeling and the constant influx of new thought.

Finally, this union of man and woman may take place in consciousness at the spiritual level.  Here, beyond the duality of changing conditions and the limitations of form, the merger of consciousness that takes place is not between the personalities of the two people, but between the highest essence of each person.  That realm is pure oneness of spirit.  And it is here that White Tantric Yoga takes place.  This union is on an etheric level and has a major effect in cleaning and clearing the subconscious mind.  This experience in turn affects one’s whole life and makes one a more consciously evolved person.

There are three different types of Tantric Yoga.  There is Black Tantra, which deals primarily with the energy of black magic, witchcraft, and spirits.  There is Red Tantra which deals with sexual practices.  Finally, there is White Tantra, which deals cleansing the subconscious mind, freeing it from blocks and neuroses so that the conscious mind of an individual can be in direct communication with the Supreme Consciousness.  A participant once said, “If Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, cleanses the unconscious mind, then White Tantric Yoga, runs a river of love through it.  If Kundalini Yoga makes one unafraid, then White Tantric Yoga lets you march over armies.  White Tantric Yoga is the fear killer.”

“What does Kundalini Yoga do to you?  Kundalini Yoga unites you.  It gives you energy so that you can be transformed.  It does nothing more and nothing less.  What does White Tantric Yoga do to you?  White Tantric Yoga cleans your subconscious mind, your neuroses and gives you unison.  It is a science of unison and brings you from the many to one, from darkness to light, and that is the purpose of White Tantric Yoga.  Many people who had a very dirty subconscious had it become clean and now they can relate to the Oneness of God.”

It is unfortunate, but most people who practice Black and Red Tantras get completely absorbed into them and do not aspire to the White Tantra.  When people hear about Tantric Yoga, they almost always think of Red Tantra and sexual practices.  Unfortunately, this concept of Tantra has become very widespread.

In the words of the Mahan Tantric, who is blessed with a complete understanding of Tantric science:

“Tantra means the science of points, the longitude and latitude.  The length and width of the whole Cosmos is summed up in the one word Tantric.  Basically, then, this is a science of points.  Everybody, every human being, is a point on this planet, each one dependent on the other.  You have your magnetic field which correlates with the entire magnetic field of the total existence this world.  It is not an intellectual science.  Neither do you have to have faith, nor is it something you have to achieve- you are to experience it.  Here a man experiences his own one-pointedness of mind, his universality.  In White Tantric, man is not the unit, man is the complete half.  It is the male and the female which makes a man complete; so White Tantric Yoga is to deal with the two.”

One of the most desirable effects of White Tantric Yoga, then, is the perfection of interpersonal relations between a man and a woman.  The psychological, social, and spiritual trauma of our contemporary society is eroding the basic unit of civilization, the relationship of trust and love between man and woman.

Marriages and family life are increasingly difficult to initiate and maintain, and the products of these relationships expressed in the health and happiness of the couples and the values and consciousness of the children are often tragically flawed.

White Tantric Yoga rebuilds the relation of man and woman on the basis of universal principles and allows the merger of man and woman to become complete on the physical mental and spiritual levels.  It helps each couple to find that point of unity, and relationship that exists beyond the times and changes of the personality and society.

As one student commented, “White Tantric Yoga brought the hope of a meaningful marriage.  After each course, my energy level became higher because of the removal of fears, and upon feeling the tangible results of the yoga, I began to feel that someday I would make a good husband and father.

This process of White Tantra has been further detailed by the Mahan Tantric:

“If the psychomagnetic field of the male can be merged with the psychomagnetic field of the woman, it will achieve a balance, and if, with this superpsychic power, it can be conducted in the soul, then the individual couple shall live together safely for the rest of their lives; they shall not fall apart.

Now these are the basic grounds on which White Tantric Yoga is based.  There are disturbed feelings; some have hang-ups because of the neighbors, some have this and some that.  There are so many ways in which a person can get messed up.

So when they meet in life, they are a bunch of hang-ups; neither she’s clear nor he’s clear.  They get married.  For a few years the relationship goes alright because of the sex life and understanding, but then they start quarreling.  Fights ensue.  Dislike and hatred come out of doubt, doubt comes only when there is a low energy.  White Tantric Yoga raises the energy.  It gives you a gain in space.  It lifts you up and gives you a higher light.”

By better understanding the self and its mysteries, we gain tolerance and compassion for others.  It is in this relaxed state that we can express our infinite potentials for love, creativity and freedom.  It is here that we can begin to experience the oneness of all things and the love inherent in all creation.

Following are some quotes of students who have gone through the experience of White Tantric Yoga under the guidance of the Mahan Tantric.  These acknowledge the depth, power and beauty of their experiences in a spiritual sense, and how these translate into their everyday lives.

“Sharing love through soulful eyes, faces beaded by the sun…heads tilt upward to the    sky … celebrate that all are one.”

“My highest moment was when my desire to help my partner was greater than my desire to help myself.  At once there was oneness and no pain.”

“The tension was great.  Sitting erect during Tantra, many lives relived; I cried, I died, I loved and shined.”

“As a psychologist I had believed that I knew myself from the inside out.  My experience of White Tantric Yoga opened the untapped reaches of my heart, which previously had lain dormant; I became aware of my aura and the healing power of my love.”

“First there was a series of abominations from the past, then unbelievable anger focused into unbelievable tortures, then a rush of release – and out pops a whole man.”

“I could look at my partner without fear and just radiate love and at the same time feel that I was receiving love, even though I have weaknesses and fears.  I could accept that moment and thank God for the precious gift of life and this link of breath which is common among us all.”

“I observed the end effect of a White Tantric experience where the subtle energy which is manifesting throughout the entire course reaches that point of merger when we all become together as one family, willing to serve, live, and die for each other.”

“During one of the White Tantric exercises, I became aware of the powerful healing energy radiating from my hands to my partner’s heart Wahe Guru! What bliss to be a channel.”

“T’was the fifth day of Tantric and lo and behold, Universal Consciousness began to unfold.”

“My ego was pressed so hard in a White Tantric series that I felt I finally was forced to rely on Guru Ram Das and that there was some possibility of continuing to rely on him in the future.  I felt that something new and different had happened within my consciousness, something permanent and positive.”

“When the women said, ‘Sat Nam’ and the men said ‘Wha Guru’ in answer, I felt like my whole being was breathing in Sat Nam and exhaling Wha Guru.’

“During the Tantric experience, I would find myself peeling off another layer, to uncover my spirit, and feeling that calm, crisp, white glow of the God in me.”

“One of the amazing things about experiencing White Tantric Yoga is to watch people growing towards God.  They work, endure pain and all just to work on themselves for the benefit of others.  It is truly unbelievable.”

“During one exercise I came to realize the idea of a nation – to grow and be strong not just for myself, but for the growth of a nation.”

“On the last day of White Tantric exercises, when the music continued to sing, and the breeze came with the Sun and all I saw was the oneness of us all, it brought a warmth which spread through by being, and a feeling of contentment.”

“Looking into the eyes of my partner, I felt a real and deep joy coming out through his eyes, from his soul, and it made me feel the joy in my own soul.”

“I felt a sensation of peace and well-being, ‘Peace Lagoon,” when I saw my wife’s soul, saw how beautiful she is beneath the garbage with which we cover ourselves and each other.  Just to see that clear light shining through her was a glimpse of a jewel more than I’d ever imagined.  God, I love that woman and honor her, for now I’ve seen her soul.”

“My heart center felt that it was ready to burst with pain and garbage was going to come out and I was really going to freak out.  Then I found my center and there was warmth and compassion in my body that carried me through that very difficult time.  Finally, I relaxed and let it all happen, and ended up felling stronger than ever before.”

At this time there is no more beneficial or comprehensive method for releasing subconscious blocks and realizing the Universal Self.  It is an ancient, tried, and tested science which was “realized” by enlightened beings, in natural and organic environments, in an age when people were much more in tune with the laws of nature and with their own minds and bodies.  The “laboratory” for the scientists of those times was the environment, the body, and the human mind.

“White Tantra is like a super-condensed meditation in its effectiveness.  If you can perfectly meditate in White Tantric Yoga for just one minute, it is equal to ten years of constant meditation and experience.  So it is no little gamble, it is quite a thing.  It is just like going to Las Vegas and for one dollar receiving a half million dollars; that is how it is.”

”Out of the series of White Tantric Yoga exercise, the object is that the mind may concentrate into the blueness of the arc line of the aura for one minute.  After that, the job is done.  What we want is to project the energy.  White Tantric energy is one energy which goes like a ‘z’, that is, the center is diagonal and both sides are parallel; the eeda and pingalaa are brought to the balance of the sushmanaa.

That is the whole thing, when for one second or one-tenth of a second or one-hundredth of a second, your aura becomes totally blue.  Once a lady said she was deaf and that she could not hear me speak.  I said, ‘Do not worry, blind or deaf we will work it out.  If you can get that one-tenth of a second, you are in good shape.”

The wisdom and clarity of consciousness that is the fruit of the White Tantric experience has been expressed by the Mahan Tantric.

“Our urging to give the White Tantric course is because we want people to experience their polarities, so that they can resolve their duality and have happy lives.  What you have to study in this whole game is who you are and where you are.  That is the greatest spiritual lesson a person can learn; who he is and where he is.  If a man knows who he is, he must know where he is.  In other words, if you do not know what orbit you are in and what the longitude and latitude are, you do not know your destination.”

“Following the Tantric course itself, I felt fulfilled, and everything seemed really worthwhile.  It was a complete feeling.  I felt whole within myself, something I have rarely felt.  I was happy to just be me, doing what I am doing.”

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