Within and Beyond

January 15, 1979 |

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This prayer is by Siri Singh Sahib Ji and shared on page 55 of the book, “The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib“, which was published in 1979.

“Oh, Supreme One, the Supreme Consciousness and beyond all, but in all.  Oh, Formless in every form that existed through the time, the Supreme unifier that made it possible that creatures so created in Thy consciousness, could meditate on Thee, and could relate to Thee.  You talked, You listened to Your existence.  Beyond You, there was never existence, and never there shall be.  Give us the power to believe, to be confirmed in our belief to be with Thee in all our conscious, subconscious, and supreme conscious acts. Exalt us into Thee so that we can carry the Light of Thy Name, future of Thy spirit and service of Thy Grace.  Give us power to be one with everyone to find the One within and without and give us unity to live in oneness of mankind and humanity so that we can enjoy the happiness, bliss, and state of ecstasy through Thy Grace.” 

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