Woman is Where Dignity and Divinity Merge Together

June 30, 1977 |

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Creative Infinity is also called Siri: Siri Guru Dev-ay Nameh. We have to learn, as human beings, that creativity is a woman; prakirti is woman; Adi Shakti is woman. It is all woman! Now if all is not woman, how can anything be born out of it?

People stoned Guru Nanak when he started saying, “Woman is great.” They asked, “How can woman be great?” He said, “How can you say that?”

“So kio mandaa aakheeai jit jame raajaan”

How can you say that being is bad from whom kings are born?

—Guru Nanak, Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 473

Guru Nanak was taken by these pundits before the Raja, the king, declaring, “Sir, he is spoiling the Dharma. He says that woman is great and man is not.”

Guru Nanak goes on to sing, How can you say that? Oh, King, you are born of the woman. You have forgotten. It is just one simple story. As man is born out of woman, he forgets about woman, but still he relates to woman. He marries a woman. He runs after a woman. If she dies, he goes to another one. Exactly so man is born out of God and he forgets about God. He eats of God. The entire srishti (creation) is of God, entire rotation is of God, the whole thing is God, but nobody remembers that they belong to God. Nobody has trust in God.

All sages have brought the word of God to man, but Siri Guru Granth Sahib is the word of man to God. You take any holy scriptures, they will say, “It is the word of God.” No, Siri Guru Granth Sahib is the word of man to God.

Why else are we here, but to reinforce our trust in Self and God? That is what this training course is about. The creative stability of the woman is the totality of God. Write down this sentence. “The creative stability of the woman is the totality of God.”

Every human being is great, but a good-spirited woman is divine. God created everything, but the power of God flows through a good-hearted woman. Everything is where God is, but God takes birth through the womb of a good-hearted woman. Therefore, a woman may not be God, but she is the gateway of divinity, and any woman who falls below that standard of divinity is only structurally a woman, but not in reality a woman. You can look like a woman, but according to the basic definition of what woman is, that is not true enough. If you make a paper man, it will look like a man, but it won’t be a man. Divinity and dignity—when and where they unite—is called woman.

I never forget my mother. My mother was so hard on me that one day somebody asked, “Among the woods, what is your mother?” There is a black wood, ebony, in Africa. It doesn’t break. I said, “My mother has two qualities: she is hard like ebony and flexible like burma cane, malaka cane.” The gentleman said, “What do you mean by that?” I said, “She may go around in any circle but she is going to strike you when you are wrong.” And today I remember that fact. If I am not a very powerful or brave man in committing a wrong, it is because of that basic teaching.

We hope that out of this course you will inspire yourselves to carry the message of the dharma to every heart, to every person, and to every woman of the universe. This you must remember! Oh woman, don’t try to be divine! Create divinity! Woman should not waste time to become divine, she should create divinity. When you say the word “woman,” always remember: it is where dignity and divinity have merged together. Is that clear?

Thank you very much.

*You can also find this lecture in the book “I am Woman:  Creative, Sacred and Invincible” by KRI.

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