Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Intuition and Doubt

July 20, 1987 |

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Here are some excerpts from a lecture given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan at Khalsa Women’s Training Camp (KWTC) on July 20, 1987. (Scroll down to view the full lecture video).

Doubt is with you because you are not intuitive.

God made you and gave you all the paraphernalia to become intuitive. Develop your intuition so that you can be protective. You do not have any protective organ—neither hooves, nor can you kick; nor horns, nor a coat to save your skin. That is why you built armor, the shield to keep the enemy at a distance. You developed the gun, the cannon, and now you have the hydrogen bomb and the atom bomb.

That is how powerful we have become, just protecting ourself. We couldn’t protect ourself from one thing: that we should not have duality, we should not have doubt. We doubt that we are secure and insecurity has caused us to spend billions of dollars. Instead we could have developed security in ourself through intuition.

Security shall not come to you no matter how spiritual you are, how great you are, how much money you have, how many boyfriends you have, how many marriages you go through. This is all just a matter of satisfying emotions and feelings; it has nothing to do with you. A person who has proportionately less intuition is more in doubt. The more you are in doubt, the more easily you are vulnerable to crisis because you will have conflict: may I/may I not, should I/should I not, is it/is it not—that is what it is all about.

So basically in your own being, in your own brain, there is a conflict, and you have developed everything—how to be beautiful, make-up, food, sex, communication, telephone—everything. Name a thing which you have not developed. But you have no time to develop your intuition because intuition cannot be developed on your own, without your own meditation. You need time to develop your own meditation because intuition is a game of mind; it is not a game of matter.

If you are not intuitive, then what you know, whether it is true or it is being told to you as true, or it is covered or it is complicated or, or, or—then who knows? And if you don’t know, you cannot be sure and you are in doubt, you have a conflict. It becomes crisis and crisis puts stress and under stress you get totally numb. Stress does only one thing—it numbs your projectivity, your fastness, your power to adjust. You should be in a position to decide everything in one one-thousandth of a second.

What I am explaining to you as a human being, is that you have one faculty to develop and that is you have to be intuitive. You should know—you may not speak, you may not act, you may not have to—but you should know. You are born to know. Repeat it.

Students: You are born to know.

Yogi Bhajan: You are born to?

Students: Know.

You have to develop your thought form into a consistency of a frequency that you can penetrate. Your psyche must penetrate the psyche shield of another person to know. If I say something is not truthful, you should know.

When you know, then you are sure, then you don’t have doubt. If you don’t know, you will always have doubt. That is why your mind travels faster than time and space—because then, intuitively you can know. Intuition is not a privilege, intuition is a right and every human being has to develop intuition. You can develop cannons, you can develop fences, you can develop everything in the world you want to develop, but that development shall not solve the basic purpose.

Make meditation the art of life, make meditation the science of life, because only with that can you develop intuition, and with intuition you shall not have doubt.

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