Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Kundalini Yoga & Spiritual Growth

Summer Solstice, 1970

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan in June 1970.

We have eight centers of God consciousness in the body. The lowest is located at the rectum. Second is the sex organ. Third is where these two centers meet when they are pulled together. Then comes the heart center where we can come out of the lower triangle, or our animal nature. That is where love, equality, and service begin. At the next center (fifth chakra, Throat Center), if the consciousness can be pulled to dwell there, man knows the truth.

Then above the two eyes is a triangle known as the “third eye,” or ajana, where all the knowledge of the past, present, and future is known. Real humility, flow of love, and kindness come through here. And lastly, we have the seventh center at the crown of the head, the highest of all, a lotus petal with a thousand petals in it where you only want to know God, and everything is nothing but God. Your personality and ego are merged into that great Universal personality and Universal ego.

While we live as human beings, we can bring together our physical, mental, and spiritual beings, and be God-beings. The circumvent force, the entire force which is the aura around us, the God-light which protects us, is the eighth living center.

Up to this time, in the United States of America, there was no place for people to learn or teach Kundalini Yoga. It is the grace of that Bhagwati, the creative power of God, that now everyone is free to learn this great supposedly secret science. Now there are American teachers who teach this science too. One only bows to that One great God, because we have created channels through which the knowledge, truth, and technical know-how to raise your consciousness from your lower centers of consciousness to the highest can be learned, practiced, and perfected.

We have all material wealth, but there is no contentment. Man wanders from morning until evening, but he does not know that between God and man there is one link only: that is the breath. The breath is the key to the control of one’s emotions. One can easily feel that when the breath becomes irregular and shallow, man becomes mentally upset. Therefore if we can practically control the breath in such a way that it is normal and simple and soft, man in behavior will be normal, simple, and soft. In other words, he’ll be a happy man.

One thing man forgets which is a reality and truth: Death. We are not permanent on this Earth. We have come here under the command of a Universal force, that cosmic energy; some people call it God. It is that great master computer in which we are all the unit computers, and we are here to perform certain practical duties. All our vibrations are time-clocked into that master computer and our balance sheet is struck every minute. Sometimes, because of our ego, we draw different lines than that of the master plan and we mess up the whole system and society, jeopardizing our own happiness in life.

Fortunate are the few who start the day always looking to the vibrations. With each breath they vibrate the Divine Nam, the Name of God, to cleanse themselves, to enrich themselves, and to energetically charge themselves so that they can be positively effective for the whole day.

When the sun energy in the evening is low because Earth is between the man and the sun, man’s mentality and consciousness leap towards the low, shallow behavior. At that time, if one has a system to do sadhana, to practice for awhile with these few precious breaths— the Divine Will which prevails through him—to glorify the Name of his Creator; or as a unit computer he tunes into the great master computer, one is saved from the cycle of karma. Let us not cause a cause which shall have a negative effect. Each negative will bounce back on us and shall bring us unhappiness.

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