Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Aquarian Age of Tolerance

September 16, 1969 |

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Excerpts from a lecture by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan given on September 16, 1969

The new age—the age of truth and love; the age of tolerance and service; the age of humility and equality—will be known by a few things. The people who will cross into this age will not possess what they should not, they will possess everything they should possess, but under no circumstances will they be possessed by anything.

God will not be recognized as a person, but God will be recognized as a primal truth and energy. The worship will change from a personified God to a more subtle truth, energy. It will not be a solar energy or a lunar energy; it will be the creative energy which is known as cosmos.

You will meet people who will act like God. They will be full of love and glow. You will feel them to be calmer than an ocean, but more magnificently projecting love like high tides. Such children you will experience in a very few short years. They will be the same inside and outside. You will not find them secretive. They will talk to you about something which will sound heavy, it will be solid, it will be truth, it will be like gold.

That is the era in which we are living—the Aquarian Age, the age of truth and love, the age of oneness—when man and God will become one. A new difference, a new ideology, a new life, absolutely something very new. A new wisdom will dawn on man. He will come out of all this unawareness.

By going to a church one does not become Christian, by going to a temple one does not become spiritual, but by cleaning his own temple, his own self, one does become what one wants to be. You have to work on yourself. Self shall be tested. You have to stand for your own self in the age of truth. You have to understand how to love; you have to understand how to tolerate the other man’s point of view.

Do not criticize anybody. Everybody is good within his own atmosphere. Try to show your best nature. There are three types of people: fanatic, liberal, and lazy. Lazy are lazy because they are lazy. Fanatics have got hang-ups. They do not reach anywhere because they are stuck. They don’t know what to do next. So, whatever little they have, they feel it is their kingdom; they don’t want to be disturbed and they don’t want to enter into anybody’s life. The liberal, the new age—the age of truth, these people want to know who they are, what they are, and why they are.

The load of Karma, the ego of the man and the negativity has gone so deep that the positive vibrations have to be created to save the world. You can’t live in this world without a balance, and you have to keep balance. There is nobody who is special. Everything is created by the one Creator, and you are a temporary custodian of that situation. This is the message of the Aquarian Age. Everyone has to learn to change.

This universal bliss is the sign that you can tune into the cosmos. Now man will worship the truth. It is an era of Sat Nam, the identity, the truth. Prepare yourself to get all the light. Deep in you is the sea, the ocean of peace, and it projects love. A disturbed man can’t love. Man who is an upset man can’t love; he doesn’t know how to love.

May you recognize truth, love and humility for service, for fellow beings. May thy status symbol be service to others. May you recognize you are the God belonging to the one God who has provided you with energy, power to act, and power to serve. May you be healthy, happy and holy. May the cosmos prevail through everyone, and the holy Nam hold you. Those who have recognized they belong to their Creator, hail to their victory so that they reach the destination.

Thank you very much for joining this vibration and creating such an atmosphere. For few minutes it was all oneness, it was all the glory of the Creator, there was no difference. There was none else except God. These few moments are very rare. They are more precious than the entire world’s wealth. Fortunate are those who have joined with all their mind, all their heart into the oneness of their own Divine—their spiritual self.

May health, happiness and spiritual power be thy guiding light and may you pass your period with grace and steadfastness, serving, loving and leading others with the destiny of truth.

God bless you all. Thank you.

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