Yogi Bhajan Quotes on the Aquarian Age & Sensory Human (2 of 9)

April 16, 2021 |

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We are at a crucial change of the time—a change of an Age. The basic sensitivity of people to their own psyche and to each other is shifting. Now we must all experience and know our mind so we can choose to act in an elevated and effective way. Nothing less will be acceptable in this Age of Awareness. ~ Yogi Bhajan (as quoted in the book, The Mind, p. 27

No More Secrets & Lies

In the Aquarian Age there are no secrets. Now every persona is under audit. Each action can be tracked regardless of appearances. Every money exchange, statement, and behavior leaves a trail.   ~Shabd Guru: Basis, Use and Impact of the Quantum Technology of the Shabd Guru, April 1995

It may take a long time for the truth to come out but always victory will be with the truth. Patience pays. ~12/25/69

As the Aquarian Age dawns, the old defenses and manipulations based on hiding or controlling access to information will no longer work. We need the capacity to assess our actions and their consequences before we take them, as if every action will be known and will reveal us. Only then can we realize that our word, fulfilled by actions, is our ultimate gift and power.  ~Shabd Guru: Basis, Use and Impact of the Quantum Technology of the Shabd Guru, April 1995

This is the Age of Aquarius. Knowledge shall be humongous. Everybody will know everything, so there shall be no corner to hide. ~12/5/95

Any person who thinks he is great may be nothing, because the Information Age is so powerful and so knowable and so acknowledgeable and so understandable, that nothing can work. We will not be competent to cheat each other, but we can help and deal with each other as equal.  ~8/1/00

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