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April 16, 2021 |

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We are at a crucial change of the time—a change of an Age. The basic sensitivity of people to their own psyche and to each other is shifting. Now we must all experience and know our mind so we can choose to act in an elevated and effective way. Nothing less will be acceptable in this Age of Awareness. ~ Yogi Bhajan (as quoted in the book, The Mind, p. 27)


I know as the Age of Aquarius will proceed, many families will face tragedies, things will go rough and wrong, I know. I am not unnecessarily warning you all—I am trying to explain to you very, very smartly a survival way to relate, to understand, to acknowledge the power of the shabad. Pain is in ego, and shabad is that permutation and combination of such words which totally kills the ego.

The cycles in the heavens are changing, Earth is correspondingly changing, and everything you see around you will not be recognizable. 

Intuition will give us the intelligence and the consciousness to protect ourselves. We can do it in a second, but if we don’t develop it, then what? Are we going to die? No, in that case there shall be conflict; there shall be crisis.

Soon you might ask for a day of atonement and want to lie down in a coffin, so you can close your eyes. That’s how bad it can be in the years before the Aquarian Age begins. These years are the years of challenge. And what is the challenge? You must come to embrace the truth. You must come and experience the truth. You must come and be the truth.
6/21/01 or 12/20/97 Success and the Spirit

Our compensatory elements are drinking at night, eating urea (eating meat), and a high frequency diet. We are not that calm, quiet, and peaceful in our construction. This, plus all the psychic bombardment that is coming, will create a conflict.

The economy has changed. Geography has changed. The politics are changing. You’ll find changes, unbelievable changes. There’s no reason for you to worry about those changes. All they’re inviting you to do is to change too. 

The load of Karma, the ego of the man and the negativity has gone so deep that the positive vibrations have to be created to save the world. You can’t live in this world without a balance and you have to keep balance. There is nobody who is special. Everything is created by the one Creator and you are a temporary custodian of that situation. This is the message of the Aquarian Age. Everyone has to learn to change.

The human race without grace shall not enter the Age of Aquarius. I am not sure that you will not experience tragedy after tragedy, because the psychosomatics of the earth’s axle, the magnetic field, and the flare of the sun into the creativity and reflection of the moon have already changed.
6/21/01 or 12/20/97 Success and the Spirit

Why is this happening? First we were in the computer age, then the information age, and now we are entering into the sensory age. This technological change is causing every human to operate from his sensory system, unknowingly. That is the tragedy of it. So what we need now is to have a meditative mind so we can enter into the sensory human system without conflict with the planetary power.

You have to sit in the examination of sacrifice to cross through the channel of time. But do it peacefully. The children of truth do not hassle and they do not waste their energy. They make themselves light, bright, beautiful, presentable, clean, charming, and magnetic.

As we enter the Aquarian Age, previously unknown challenges such as viral epidemics and psychological and spiritual ailments beset us, with more on the way.
Shabd Guru: Basis, Use and Impact of the Quantum Technology of the Shabd Guru, April 1995

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