Yogi Bhajan Quotes on the Aquarian Age & Sensory Human (8 of 9)

April 16, 2021 |

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We are at a crucial change of the time—a change of an Age. The basic sensitivity of people to their own psyche and to each other is shifting. Now we must all experience and know our mind so we can choose to act in an elevated and effective way. Nothing less will be acceptable in this Age of Awareness. ~ Yogi Bhajan (as quoted in the book, The Mind, p. 27)


We are all pioneers in the Age of Aquarius. No man can give a man anything other than love. No man can give a man anything other than hope. No man can give a man anything but service. The only thing you can do is act like a forklift and go into the dirt and lift the other person and put him on track, so he can proceed.

In the Age of Aquarius we must use these tools so we will not become fools. We have to go into the Age of Aquarius with a brightened mind, a balanced self and an excellent spirit. You have to grow in maturity as you grow in age so you cannot only be self-sufficient, but you can be self-sufficient to uplift people. Be self-sufficient, self-efficient and self-exalted. Share that self-exaltedness with others.

Keep your sadhana regardless of how you feel about it. Do not feel somebody is better or worse than you. If you continue your sadhana, the end result will be that you will be needed by the Age of Aquarius. Try to understand how lucky you are. We are going through a change of age and we are participating in it. You are changing to challenge the ultimate challenge – to help humanity through it.

Let us serve the Age of Aquarius. Get rid of any fear you have. Get ready for service. Carry on. Be the flag bearer.

People do not like another person who is shaky; who is negative; who fluctuates. There are set rules of life and the only rule which works in this world and spirituality in business and life is, every person individually will like to see somebody who is stable; who is effective; who is real; who is reachable; who can come back and uplift them and the entire world of ours.

You are for tomorrow. You are for that tomorrow, when the world shall come to you. People will come and ask to be blessed. Bless those who are coming to you; each one of you. Guru’s words never go untrue.

There is only one problem: You do not trust your powers. There is no difference between you and God. Count your blessings. Be proud of yourself. Make your children, friends and neighbors proud of you. Let your touch be the Master’s Touch. Serve the Age of Aquarius. Keep up and God will keep you up. Trust it. Stop looking down at yourself. Feel God within. There is no God outside of you.

Your experience is important!

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