Yogi Bhajan: Ten Things to Do for Your Children

June 2, 2007 |

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These “10 Things to Do for Your Children” were shared on page 236 in the book, The Game of Love, by Yogi Bhajan, published in 2007.

  1.       Love them
  2.       Build their self-esteem
  3.       Challenge them
  4.       Listen to them
  5.       Expect respect
  6.       Limit them
  7.       Make God a part of their lives
  8.       Develop a sense of learning in them
  9.       Help them to be community-minded
  10.     Let them go


From the book, The Game of Love: A Book of Consciousness – The Poems and Art of Yogi Bhajan

An intimate experience of Yogi Bhajan, the man, the teacher and the master, through his collected English poems, illustrated with his own drawings. The book is filled with deep insights into how to have successful relationships, both with oneself and others. At its essence, it is a guide to living in the 21st century and beyond.

The hard copy includes a CD of Yogi Bhajan reciting his poems!

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