When an Indian yoga teacher came to give a class at his Los Angeles high school in 1970, Dale Sklar recognized at once a calling from out of the ordinary. He quickly attached himself as a devoted student to Yogi Bhajan and the fledgling American Sikh community a few miles’ bike ride from his home. For his sheer focus, love and devotion to his new path, Dale was recognized as “Bhai Sahib” – a religious title meaning honoured brother – “Dayal Singh” – a spiritual name meaning lion of compassion, before his 18th birthday. Towering above fellow Sikhs ten and twenty years his senior, Bhai Sahib lived an exemplary life of service and good humour until his passing in a car crash – on the way to India – at the age of 19. This is his story told in the words of people who knew, loved and respected Dayal Singh, and in nearly 100 photos of his brief life as a Sikh in America and India in the early 1970s.

This book, which tells Bhai Sahib’s story, as written by Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa, is available on Amazon.