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Little Harbhajan Singh liked to climb up to the roof on the topmost story of his family home.  From there, he would see far out in every direction – the dry, rolling hills, the fertile plains, the distant, rising mountains.   He liked the perspective in his lofty perch, high above the busy people, the lowing beasts and bristling landscape.  It gave him a vision above and beyond the typical cadences of time and space, a sense of immortality, a cosmic dimension – something beautiful, vast, and ever present.

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April 27, 2021 |

It was September 13, 1968. Harbhajan Singh Yogi, now thirty-nine years of age, waited his turn in the line-up that had just disembarked at Toronto’s international airport. In the queue were tourists, professionals, government people and hopeful immigrants. Gradually, Harbhajan’s place in line moved up, as people were cleared at the front by the customs inspectors.

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April 13, 2021 |

When an Indian yoga teacher came to give a class at his Los Angeles high school in 1970, Dale Sklar recognized at once a calling from out of the ordinary. He quickly attached himself as a devoted student to Yogi Bhajan and the fledgling American Sikh community a few miles’ bike ride from his home. For his sheer focus, love and devotion to his new path, Dale was recognized as “Bhai Sahib” – a religious title meaning honoured brother – “Dayal Singh” – a spiritual name meaning lion of compassion, before his 18th birthday. Towering above fellow Sikhs ten and twenty years his senior, Bhai Sahib lived an exemplary life of service and good humour until his passing a car crash – on the way to India – at the age of 19. This is his story told in the words of people who knew, loved and respected Dayal Singh, and in nearly 100 photos of his brief life as a Sikh in America and India in the early 1970s.

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December 25, 1969 |

Yogi Bhajan gives this historic talk twelve months after his first arrival in the US. The country was polarized and bitterly divided. In the previous two months, there had been an unprecedented outpouring of violent and nonviolent demonstrations against the war in Vietnam and the government in Washington.

Under these highly charged circumstances, Yogi Bhajan lays out the defining principles of the 3HO Foundation. Citing the sacrifices of Jesus, Krishna and Rama, Yogiji calls on his students to purify themselves and become teachers and carry the responsibility of the Aquarian Age all around the world.

The talk is full of cautions and practical guidance. Yogi Bhajan advises against worshipping holy men when it serves better to live as one. He tells his students not to lose themselves in the imaginations of authors, but to live practically and to the truth. Yogiji cautions against wasting this precious human life, when it is meant to be lived in higher consciousness. He warns his students not to abuse occult powers, but instead to engage the power of God in service and humility. Yogi Bhajan also chides his young students not to hassle and protest, but to live as calm, quiet, peaceful, loving and magnetic people. And finally in this Christmas talk, he exhorts them to give up their fooling around, and instead to live as masters of the self and gods on this Earth.

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April 13, 1969 |

“And it is only five hundred years ago when this man came to this world with a message of peace, equality.  His peace was different.  He said, “You are to be equal.  You have no power to differentiate between the black and white, between the Muhammadan and Hindu, between the Christian and a Buddhist, between the tall and the short, between having the long hairs and the short hairs.  You have absolutely NO difference and you can NOT preach difference and thus you cannot RULE, and others cannot be RULED.  For sake of securities, all right, but for sake of exploitation, it is wrong.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

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