Beads of Truth – 1979 – Bead 1 and 2 Vol. II

April 30, 1979 |

Kundalini Yoga is as powerful today as it was ten years ago or a thousand years ago. If you do it, you vibrate.  If you don’t, you don’t. If you chant Sat Nam, you see the Truth.  If you don’t you don’t. But Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam always have been, still are, and will continue to be the base of the 3HO Foundation. Kundalini Yoga awakens us to the Truth, Sat Nam links us to it.

In the collective heart and soul of humanity we are charting a way through the wilderness just as those who have come before us have done for us. And if in the future an individual cries out in his soul for the Truth and a path to walk upon, if there is a Kundalini Yoga teacher on the planet, that individual has a chance to find it.

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