April 12, 2021 |

“You are a soul. Soul has been given mind and body as vehicles. You need to know that Infinite, immortal soul in you—not through my words. You have to realize it. And any help by anything in this Universe which can make you realize that immortal, Infinite soul in you is a most willing help to you. That is the highest knowledge, that is the highest experience, that is the highest guidance.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

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February 28, 2021 |

Learn to clear your mind to receive spiritual guidance whenever you need it.

The yogis spent thousands of years fine-tuning a practical system that can help us learn to use our amazing mind-computers to access our intuition. Using intuition, the choices we make can lead to real happiness in life.  The same way we use a computer to connect to the internet, we can clear the mind of its chatter and connect to the Infinite, the God within.  We have an electronic mouse to easily direct our computer to the internet, but we don’t usually have the training to use our breath and meditation to direct the mind.  So instead of being able to access our inner guidance, we often find the landscape of our mind clogged with volumes of thoughts and feelings.

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January 25, 2021 |

Without intuition you have no defense; you have no horns, no hoofs, and no skin hard enough to protect you. You have intellect to develop intuition through intelligence, so that you can always be conscious of the known and the unknown of the projection and the rejection, into the guidance of tomorrow with the strength of today, with the experience of yesterday.

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May 23, 1989 |

If you want intuition to open you automatically, learn the law of obedience. The law of obedience is that you obey to use your strength to accomplish what you are expected to accomplish—that is obedience to life. That is obedience to self. Obedience does not mean to obey another man. Obedience means you obey your own self, your own integrity, your own dignity, your own potential, your own reality—and then serve it, make it, nurture it, make it happy. Then love it, be proud of it, be happy about it, dance about it, laugh about it, be joyful about it, and then you will excel, you will be experienced, you will be specialist, you will be trusted, you will have established goodwill, you will be intuitive.

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