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January 23, 1979 |

There is one hero (Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji) who has proven time and again that he really is what he appears to be – “Through every test he has stood tall”.  Therefore, it is essential that the reality of him, of his life, his words and his actions, be recorded for posterity, that his story be told for the generations which are to follow and which deserve to know the truth about the man who shared with humanity the most priceless teachings of human existence.

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January 12, 1979 |

The title of Bhai Sahib is recognized by Sikh communities everywhere as a title of Great honor and respect, to be bestowed in the event of outstanding spiritual qualities and/or great achievement in serving the Guru’s mission.  It is also a title which is hereditary, as it is passed on for the male heirs of the families in which it has been bestowed.
In the case of the Siri Singh sahib, the title of Bhai Sahib has come to him by three different avenues

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