March 8, 1979 |

Religion comes from the word “religioso” which means to go back to our origin, our Source.  Religion brings us to the awareness of our Creator and gives us an experience of Him.  Sikh Dharma teaches that our origin is One Creator who has manifested the entire creation.  We call this Omnipotent, Omnipresent Spirit:  GOD – Generator, Organizer, Destroyer.  That Spirit lives in all creatures.

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January 30, 1979 |

During the first tour of India (1970-1971), we had come to the Golden Temple, and many of us were planning to take the Amrit.  I was serving as secretary for this tour and so the Siri Singh Sahib and I had spent the whole morning getting everyone ready.  We had instructed everyone to wash their hair, had distributed kacheras, kirpans, and everything they needed to take their Amrit vows.  Finally, we proceeded to walk to the Akal Takhat, where the Panj Piare awaited us. 

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January 23, 1979 |

There is one hero (Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji) who has proven time and again that he really is what he appears to be – “Through every test he has stood tall”.  Therefore, it is essential that the reality of him, of his life, his words and his actions, be recorded for posterity, that his story be told for the generations which are to follow and which deserve to know the truth about the man who shared with humanity the most priceless teachings of human existence.

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January 12, 1979 |

The title of Bhai Sahib is recognized by Sikh communities everywhere as a title of Great honor and respect, to be bestowed in the event of outstanding spiritual qualities and/or great achievement in serving the Guru’s mission.  It is also a title which is hereditary, as it is passed on for the male heirs of the families in which it has been bestowed.
In the case of the Siri Singh sahib, the title of Bhai Sahib has come to him by three different avenues

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January 2, 1979 |

The first and foremost thing which the Siri Singh Sahib is, was, and shall be, is a teacher.

He never ceases to recognize within himself the responsibility given to him by God and Guru, to share his knowledge, his insights and his perceptions with every being who is brought into his realm of existence.  He has given himself to the service of God and Guru and he has tuned his mental frequency to the Infinite frequency of Guru Ram Das and has given over the use of his mind and body to the purpose so given and guided by his Guru.

He thus personifies the kind of surrender which a spiritual seeker is longing to make.  He doesn’t live for himself.  He lives totally in the consciousness of himself as a humble channel, an instrument through which God and Guru work to achieve their own ends on this earth.

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August 30, 1975 |

Nearly six years ago, Yogi Bhajan began working with the young people of this country, to give them an alternative to drugs, to give them a means of keeping their bodies healthy, to give them values of life and to rebuild the structure of family life.  He struck at the root of the problems facing the entire western societies   today:   the lack of respect and reverence for woman, the devaluation of the function of raising children, the breakdown of the family structure and the pollution of the basic vibration – the WORD.

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