Early History (Part 1)

January 3, 1979 |

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From the book, “The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib”, published in 1979.

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“There are three in me.  One is Harbhajan Singh. One is Yogi Bhajan. One is Siri Singh Sahib.  Siri Singh Sahib is a very direct hassler who’ll nail you on the spot.  He’ll find everything wrong with you, analyze you like anything, shatter you like you are nobody.  Yogi Bhajan is that compassionate, analytical, intelligent man who tells you this is this because of that; but it is up to you, son or daughter, do what you want.  Then there is one Harbhajan Singh who will say, “Well, let us all freak out.  Don’t worry, there is no problem in the world. Everything is all right. God and Me, me and God are one’”  ~ Siri Singh Sahib Ji, May 20, 1979

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Astrological signs

“My rising sign is Aquarius, and my sun sign is Virgo.  That’s why no one can stop me.  Aquarius represents time and Virgo represents space.  My moon is in Taurus.  My ruling star is Mercury.  My zodiac controlling sign is Saturn, which is in the eleventh house, two degrees.  The most beautiful thing which God provided in my horoscope is Jupiter in the fourth house.  Whosoever shall know me by my virtue and grace, shall be blessed with affluence and mercy of God through His Grace, because my Sun is in the seventh house, and Saturn rules the first house.  Venus, the love song of life, is in the sixth house, the house of enemies.  Whosoever shall act with animosity towards me shall die in misery.  That is why I request of the whole world, don’t make me mad.    Otherwise, the unfortunate shall be blessed with fortune. I am telling you of the science of it.

In the eighth house, the house of death, is Mars, which is called the planet of war, therefore, I have no animosity towards anyone.  I can tolerate insults to the extent that even God becomes miserable.  My communication is misery, to the extent of death.  Therefore, I can create life through my word, because my Mercury is also in the eighth house.  God, who created people, created with the creativity to create Something.  The Dragon’s Head is in the second house and the Dragon’s Tail is in the seventh house.

I was very lowly of the low, and knew nothing, and the Unknown was trying to find somebody who totally knew nothing.  When the Unknown almost could not find anybody who didn’t know, His eye fell on me. At That time, my name was Harbhajan Singh.  It turned me upside down and made me Yogi Bhajan.  Can you explain your zodiac chart like this?” (July 13, 1978)

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