Introduction & Dedication: God, Good and Goods

September 30, 1989 |

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Here is the dedication on page 3 of the book, “72 Stories of God, Good and Goods”, published in 1989:

“…Once I asked my teacher, ‘What is the definition of a spiritual path?’

He said, ‘Son, it’s a rose petal.  It’s an opportunity.  It has exactly that much life as that petal, and it is as beautiful and sophisticated as that petal is.  You totally be it or you will miss it and it will never come back again.  Otherwise, all you will have is a dry rose petal, and you can powder it, but it will never be what it was.’” ~ Yogi Bhajan

This book is dedicated to all those seekers on the path… who long to experience that sophistication, subtly and grace.

Here is the Introduction on pages 8-9 of the book, “72 Stories of God, Good and Goods”, published in 1989:

Yogi Bhajan came to this country many years ago. Since that time, his one purpose of life has been to uplift and heal people, and to increase in them the awareness of their soul’s purpose on this planet.  With this in mind, he has spent his days lecturing, touring, teaching, as well as counseling countless numbers of people from all walks of life, healing the wounds of their souls.  He has become Spiritual Teacher and guide to thousands.

I was fortunate enough to come in contact with this most saintly being in 1973 in Los Angeles, where I was blessed to attend his lectures and classes.  With my trusty notebook by my side, (an old habit developed in my college days), I began noticing how many of the talks he gave were punctuated with amusing and entertaining stories and anecdotes.  So, I began making marks in the margins whenever he told one.  And that was the beginning of this book.

Every religion and every culture has provided the world with its own distinctive myths and fables.  As Yogi Bhajan is a Sikh as well as a native of India, one would tend to think these tales would reflect this background.  Of course, many of them do, but they are not limited to just one culture.  With a mind to see beyond the beyond and to know beyond the known, he is a universal Spiritual Teacher, and he has drawn upon the wisdom and inspiration for his stories from many places.  Each parable has a brilliant and unique quality which lifts a person from the ordinary humdrum of daily existence to see the more meaningful and expanded side of life.

These stories are not just ordinary stories.  They are tales of transformation.  After reading this book, one will never be quite the same.  They are not meant just for Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, Americans or Europeans… they are for everybody.

Many hours went into carefully transcribing his exact words.  Much care has been taken to preserve the flavor and verbal style which is uniquely Yogi Bhajan’s.

So here, for the first time in one place are 72 Stories of God, Good and Goods.  We hope they will be enjoyed by many people – of all ages and sizes – for many years to come, as much as we enjoyed hearing them, seated in rapt attention at the feet of the master storyteller!

Sat Nam,

Tej Kaur Khalsa

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