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January 18, 1979 |

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This passage is by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan and was published in 1979 on pages 175-181 of the “Mind, Mantra and Meditation” section of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib.

Part 1

“Your existence has a vibratory effect upon the whole universe.  Wherever you are, whatever you do, even if you just cross the road by the side of another man.  In other words, in the mystic language it is said. ‘Anything which comes within the concept of your soul is influenced by it.”   
What you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you touch, what you relate to and whatever relates to you is influenced by the pressure of your vibration, so much so that if you are merely sitting outside and the air touches anybody else thereafter, it is influencing and it does carry your influence, your vibration.  Do you know that?  Air is a big thing.  

“The mind has to be given the medicine of thought.  Higher thought is the medicine of the mind that allows it to help itself cure itself.  Otherwise, the mind is a shattered piece of glass.  That is why we do the japa.  Japa is calling on ‘Sat Nam, Truth is Thy Name.”  Japa is calling on energy that is beyond us.  The moment we know and experience that there is something beyond us, we are connecting with God through the power of our thought wave.  And, my dear friend, on this Earth there is nothing except God.  The intellect will generate thought waves anyway.  Why not beam these thought waves to God?” (February 14, 1972)
“If you just meditate on the whole earth, every part of this earth is influenced by your meditation.  Do you know that?  Let’s go one step further; if you meditate on the whole universe, the entire environment of this Sun and many suns (it’s not only this one Sun, he’s just a little guy, there are many), if you can perceive all of that in your mind you will influence all of that! 
”Now the question is, what is the strength of the beam you produce through the mind?  That is known as patantar.  Mind is a part of the Infinite Mind.  Anything and everything is influenced by the mind.  Therefore, there is nothing which cannot be influenced by the mind. 

Intuition works when there is no fear involved, no greed involved, no attachment involved, no lust involved.  First, the subconscious mind has to be a clear channel and then the conscious mind perceives what is coming from the intuition.  We all have that power, because every mind is a part of the Universal Mind.  How much it can attract the beam of the Universal Consciousness into its nook, into its orbit, that decides the totality of the being.  Why do we meditate?  Why do we chant the Holy Nam?  Why do we chant this mantra?  Just to concentrate and project out, beam the signal out, so that we will get a clear signal back.  It gives us intuition. 

Part 2
Furthermore, there’s a great secret, which even today man does not know:  mental energy can create its own nucleus psyche; no other energy can do this.  It is true that the magnetic field and electric energy runs us, that’s agreed.  But suppose you take a man and put him in a wooden box, (which is a poor conductor of heat and electricity), and cover it with a lead sheet.  Then his waves, his mental waves, should not go out at all. But no, even though the mind is suspended in that box, and its wave lengths are suspended, in that box, and its wave lengths are suspended, the mind can create another mind outside the box from where it can project! You cannot get disconnected from the Universal Mind at all.  There’s no way, and that is the supreme bliss.  That is where it is a blessing, and it is a curse also.  The blessing is that you can never be trapped, and the curse is that you can remain scattered all the time.
The problem is, you scatter your mind.  Nobody makes you do it.  This is the constitution of the mind.  It can focus itself, or it can scatter itself.  Its focus is infinite, its scatter is infinite.  The mind has no limit.  That is the beauty of the mental power.  At one time, it can just beam on one wavelength, and at the same time it can work on millions of wavelengths.  When you are scattered, you are afraid, you have no confidence, you don’t know what righteousness is, and you do not know your own power.  When you are scattered, you do not see the life, because you are stuck to it.  You are insecure and you mess up.
Think about the power of the swimmer.  Swimmers all know how to swim.  Each one has his muscles and he’s going to make it.  Then there is that ‘lazy crazy’, who’s stuck in the water.  He has a log and he doesn’t want to leave the log.  Though the log rolls him and crushes him all the way, he feels he’s alive. 
So your self is your faith, your faith is your courage, and your  courage is your beam of mental energy which you can project within you.  Nothing can equal it, and  it is the highest consciousness of the person who can consciously  live in the vibratory effect.  And remember, that is the way you have been constructed.  If you put a car in a garage and never take it into the light of day, it doesn’t make any sense.  The car is meant to be driven, but you have kept it in a garage.  If you do not use the faculties of the mind, it is you who are not using them.  The mind is meant to be used.  Sometimes when you are very low and shallow in yourself, if your mental faculty begins to have faith, then the entire universe starts working for you.  The only way you can shape the entire universe for you, is through the concentrated mind.  When the mind vibrates within itself, then the universe starts vibrating on it.  This is very important. 
When you cut off your mind from the universe and take a thought and block your intellect and close yourself, then the entire universe radiates back on that unit.  It is called ‘cosmic search reaction’.  It’s a term. Any mind which does not radiate out, the cosmic research unit radiates on him, and when the cosmic energy radiates, the polarity changes and negativity disappears.  Then light erupts, darkness leaves, happiness comes, unhappiness leaves, easiness comes, diseasiness is lost, universality comes and ego leaves.  When the mind rises, and its rise is focused, it is like a mushroom; and then it spreads back, because action must have a reaction equal and opposite.  It engulfs the whole thing, then all is yours. 

The mystics say: ‘When you will not be yours, then all will be yours’.  But you have not understood, even today, what this is.  When you exalt the Unknown, the Unknown will exalt you.  And when the Unknown is exalted, the Unknown will be confirmed as having existed.  We say, ‘That funky, rubbish fool, devilish, rubbish fellow has become a great man’.  And the other man says, ‘Forget it, it’s all the mystery of God.’  Who is that guy God?  When beyond your conception, you conceive something, that is God. 

Part 3

Your totality, your ego, is very short-sighted.  But sometimes when you’re lifted and you see the whole huge horizon you say, “Wow, I see the whole valley!  Where was that valley before?  It existed, but it didn’t exist for you.  You never knew that valley is so beautiful, so much so, that you never even felt it existed.  But when you sweated, climbing up all the way to the top, then you could say ‘Wow, it is a great valley.’  But sometimes you are so crooked, you are so wretched, instead of going on the top and seeing the valley and living in that light, you live on the bottom and you say, Ooooh, I see the whole valley. Where is it?  ‘I see it.’  Then what does it look like?  ‘I know it.”  At that time, you live in a hallucination of the valley, but you don’t really know about it.  Neither have you seen it, nor can you show it. 

When the cat wants to catch something, all it does is become still and silent, and it meditates.  It vibrates on that bird, that bird … and then, Gop! He’s done.  If that ordinary cat has that faculty, why don’t you have that?  But you are too scattered.   

Today, Friday morning, you have one mind.  Friday afternoon you have another mind.  In between you have six minds, twenty minds, a hundred minds, a thousand minds.  And when you don’t get to get anything, you curse God! You are the greatest nut on this planet.  Out of His mercy, He feeds you and you live, otherwise, as far as you are concerned, if you had to acquire things for yourself, your mind is so totally scattered, nothing would come.  Nothing can come to you without the vibratory effect of your mind.  The polarity must communicate to attract. 

Neither is the mind – in-concentration under your control, nor is it under your control when it is in scattered form.  Usually, the mind is not in the control of the bring, even though it was given to him for his work.  What happened is that the being fell under the control of the mind.  The king has become the puppet of the slave!  Now the mind says, ’I run you.’  And you say, ‘Well I don’t care if you run me or not, you were given to me, so stay, hold yourself, listen to me, mind!’, if you do these two or three times, at first this monkey of a mind will not work.  After a little while, when he sees your will is very strong, and you are very adamant, he will work.  But this requires self-realized faith. 

Okay, now sit down and close your eyes.  Utilize your energy.  All minds can do it.  That is a guaranteed fact.  Sit down in a posture which is convenient to your body, your spine straight as you can possibly make it.  That is the first requirement that your posture should be graceful, steady and convenient.  Second is, close your eyes and go within.   

Your eyes must open your inner eye.  Outer eyes must not see.  Now start imagining that you are the greatest self-enlightened being. You are great, great, great, great, whatever it is… a perfectly enlightened being …your body can be stilled at your command … your nerves are under your supervision …your thoughts are under your control… you are mentally, physically, spiritually a being which knows all about everything.  You shall not limit your thinking about greatness.  Flood yourself with the thought that you are the greatest.  You are the universe, you are the Infinite One, you are the Being of the beings, the Supreme Being. Take your mind to that thought. 

I know a lot of problems will happen on the way if you try to think that way.  First, the ego will say, ‘Hey man, you have been worshipping so and so all your life, now you say you are greater than that?  What nonsense is this?’  A lot of negative thoughts will cross your mind, but you’ll cross all of them.  Keen on growing.  Whosoever put you here, put you here for growth.  All He wanted was for you to be here to find a place.  The growth is always His, and He will take care of your mental growth and your levitated form as a being. 

Delicately transfer yourself. Expand yourself.  Pull yourself systematically: I made this planet, I made these mountains with snow peaks, I made this forest, ocean, people, animal kingdom.  Think, as God, what you have done, who you are, what you are.  Nobody can question you.  You are Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnicompetent.  You can never realize about somebody’s greatness, if you have never had to work yourself into that position.  Just meditate and realize yourself as God through all the beauty and magnificence and the totality of this universe.  Concentrate and think, and imagine and grow … 

It is very enjoyable to think that that something has been happening tonight which should happen.  I’m grateful for the Grace of God, His mercy and His kindness, that He has given us this privilege for this moment, and the moments to come, that we can meditate, we can concentrate, we can perceive, we can think of that Infinite Beauty and can be a part of it, and we won’t get separated from It, because we are It.” 

Personality of the Mind

 “The mind and the soul are polarities of Consciousness.  What makes them polarities?”  The void.  The soul looks at whatever is in your mind.  Your mind looks at whatever is in the void.  The soul is pure; it can’t do anything.  The mind is a combination of many different things.  It can’t stop; it is impossible to still the mind.  When you still the mind, it will tell you, ‘I am still, I am still.’  Don’t worry, I am still.’ And the moment it gets a chance, it will run away. 

 So, the best thing that you can do is to let the mind run away.  When the mind runs away, don’t move.  Instead, just say, ‘Ha, ha, ha! Go, go, go.  I am here.  I am all right.’  Then out of shame, it will come back.  The mind can’t accept a challenge.” (March 18, 1976) 


Many, many, many thousands of years ago the sages sat down and divided the science of yoga into eight aspects or parts.  I am going to talk about one part.  It is called partaahaar.  Partaahaaar is a secret science to reach God.  You won’t find a complete discussion of it in any book.  All they say is partaahaar means contract.  Contract what?  They don’t explain it.  In some places they say partaahaar is partaahaaar and whosoever does  partaahaaar reaches God.  How are you going to make any sense out of that?  The most beautiful art of yoga and the most pure science of yoga is partaahaar.  Partaahaar means, correctly in English, contract or synchronize. 

“As an example, my sons and daughters from the East Domain today sent me a present, a birthday present, to the man they love.  I should feel very grateful: immediately, ‘Oh, thank you Lord, they have sent me a present.’  When I saw it, I couldn’t immediately thank them.  Instead, out of my mouth came, ‘Blessed is the Lord God who has given them the heart.’   

“I could have said,’Thank you, it is beautiful.  They must have all joined together to do this.’  But nothing like that happened and I started wondering why I couldn’t say that.  Since that time, I have been analyzing the concept of partaahaar.  It is a habit to synchronize.  A gift is a source of happiness, but who provides the gift and who is the ultimate provider of the gift?  If the consciousness does not synchronize immediately and focus on that point, you are not a yogi. 

“Here is another story to illustrate partaahaaar.  For twelve years, a woman and her husband tried to have a child but they were never blessed with one,  After twelve years, she got pregnant.  A beautiful son came. 

‘There was no celebration, nothing. All they did was start meditating, chanting, and praying.  When people said to them, ‘Well, God gave you a beautiful son, we’re so happy,’ they would reply, ‘yes, please sit down and meditate and chant with us.’   

‘For forty days I saw nothing but keertan, chanting and music outside that house. 

They were so happy.  They would request of everyone, ‘Please, if you really love us, join with us.  Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord.’  That is called partaahaaar:  under any time, space and circumstance, under any pressure, depression, or oppression, you do not forget that Infinite One. 

Partaahaar is also called the science of dedicated devotion.  It is not simple devotion.  Simple devotion is, ‘Thank you God.’  That’s simple devotion.  But it is also a dedication, because when anything comes to you, you say, ’Thank you, God, for making me thank You.’  It is of a very high caliber.  It is a very simple process for gettting away from sensuality and sexuality.  When sensuality and sexuality bring you to the earth, thank God for the earth and then God won’t let you go down the tube. 

‘It is the power of the Word of God that makes you so that you are not limited; and the moment you are unlimited, you cannot fall apart.  You will only fall apart because of ego.  You can’t fall apart because of God.  Ego confines you to limits and your spirit then gets inflated. 

‘When your spirit gets inflated in Infinity, because you are in mental Infinity, because you are in mental Infinity, you are divine,, but when your spirit gets inflated when you are confined, then you are like a balloon. 

‘To practice partaahaar, means one must synchronize, analyze, and totally shell out everything and realize the praise of God out of everything. 

‘God never made anybody without sense, God never made anybody a sinner.  God is not a sinner.  How can you be of God and be negative, a sinner, an egocentric, an egomaniac, or jealous?  There are two hundred fifty negative qualities, which you can count, that do not belong to God, and with these qualities, you do not belong to God.  Be careful. 

“There are two ways to practice devotion: one is divine, the other is devil.  These decorations are the features you possess. If you want to discipline yourself towards the Divine, then you have to get out of all this nonsense; and if you do not want to belong to the Divine you have to master this nonsense.  They don’t go together. The majority of us are a hodge-podge of half-divine and half-devil; sometimes divine, sometimes devil.  When a person who practices partaahaar is a devil, then he is God’s devil; and when he is divine, he is God’s divine one.  His dedication to devotion is always divine.  Therefore, neither he is a devil nor he is divine; he is the infinite Divine because he can cut through the limits of time and space.  The caliber of such people is beautiful.  They don’t stop at anything; they don’t, and they can’t. 

“In Anand, the science of partaahaar is explained in such a beautiful manner.  This is where the Guru talks to the eyes, the Guru talks to the ears, the Guru talks to the breath, the Guru talks to the life.  All these similes are nothing but the science of partaahaar which is a more advanced stage than praanayaamm.  The entire Siri Guru Granth Sahib and in all the Gurbaanee, wherever the mind has been addressed, it is partaahaar.  When a person addresses his own mind and directs it analytically towards infinity, that process is partaahaar.   

The science of partaahaaar indicates the dedicated telescopic view of the Infinite in the presence of finite microscopic analysis.  Whenever this finite looks microscopically into anything, out of that microscopic view he or she telescopically understands the cause of it as Infinity, and bows. 

Namo sarab kaale.
Namo sarab diaale.
Namo jog joge svarang.
Namo tantra tantrang.

I salute to God who causes all to die.
I salute to God who showers mercy on all.
I bow to that science which unites me to God.
I bow to the fiber of the creativity.

This namo pauree of Jaap is a most beautiful creation of Guru Gobind Singh through which partaahaaar can be totally understood.  So, the science of partaahaar is an analytical, standardized, mental state of consciousness in which you analytically understand the very depth and source for any existence coming towards you or going away from you, that the Cause of all causes is Infinity.”  

(August 25, 1978) 

To be continued….

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