The Divine Pours Its Blessings Through You

November 14, 2020 |

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“The Divine pours its blessings through you.  It does not matter from which direction you came.

The Cosmic Divine is always waiting, while colorful Maya blocks our view and powerful ego shades our knowledge. 

The mind is like a fickle girl.  She knows not who she loves, body or soul.

She was raised to believe she was betrothed to body, but when she met soul, she knew she loved them both.  Sometimes she would stand beside soul and help him in his search.  Then she would miss body and go running  after him to join him in his pleasures. 

After doing for several years, she finally grew weary of the pain that comes with the pleasures of body.  She began to long for the calm peaceful joy of soul.   She missed him very much and went out to search for him.  She looked as far as the edge of the universe and as close as the air she breathed.  She had forgotten that soul had never left her, but had patiently waited for her frivolity to end, so she could recognize him and join him.  For as a husband’s peace depends on his wife’s help or hindrance, so the soul’s peace needs the help of fickle mind.

To follow His will inborn in us is the way to attainment.  It is His will that created the Cosmos and His will which directs it.  All are subject to His will.     He who knows the will, feels no more the “I” in himself. 

Meditate at dawn on the true name and you will find the true one.    Good ac­tions will improve your lot on earth, but salvation comes through grace. The man who serves Him is honored.  He who loves Him will shed pain.”

~Yogi Bhajan

See the original writing from the Beads of Truth, “Bead 14” from Summer 1972

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