Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Your Stability Protects You

January 24, 1977 |

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Listen to this lecture given on January 24, 1977 in Los Angeles, CA

Here are excerpts from this lecture:

Nature has a system to give a man one thing: the authentic living.  And what is authentic living? Authentic living is nothing but living in self-trust. 

Entire Siri Guru Granth Sahib you read.  It tells you again and again and again and again, “Oh mind,  oh man, oh mind, oh man, oh human being, oh wonderful person, oh this, oh that, you have been created by God.   Less than God, nothing can do you anything.  Now I tell you makes you put to fear.   All these little creatures who have forgotten God.  They are creatures of God.  They have forgotten God.  They have become demons.  They start threat, fear, those kinds of things and you accept that as knowledge….   

Don’t make your place a breeding ground of the garbage of insanity, mistrust, and negativity.

Don’t pollute your faith as a human being.  Don’t talk to this bag.  It’s a human bag.  See it as a human being you are talking to.  That’s the difference.  Somebody may look like a human being, but when you talk to him, it will smell. His odor will be terrible. His words will come out very negative. He will just pollute you left, right, up and down. It’s no use.  You cannot be constantly drugged, and fear is the worst drug.   

Those who project fear in you are your worst enemies. Why do you like to hear fear? Gossip and fear, why? Because it is sensational.

“Hey, I heard something.”


“I heard something”


“Somebody is cooking against you.”


“That person.”

Here you go. You freak out about what is cooking, what is not cooking, you don’t know. When it will be cooked, it will be seen.

I remember once in my service my officer called me and said, “I am very sorry to call you but I want to lay it right before you.”

I said, “What is that sir?”

He said, “Oh my God, there is a great conspiracy and the sky, the heavens are going to fall on you.”

I said, “Really? If heavens are going to fall, they are going to crush you and me both, so why to worry?”

He said, “You know, I have just had a telephone call.”

I said, “Sir, a telephone call can come any time. When the person will come, we’ll see. Can I go?”

He said, “You are not worried?”

I said, “No, I am not. I was having my lunch and I’d like to finish it.”

(Students’ laughter)

After finishing lunch I came back again and he said, “Would you like to have a cup of coffee?”

I said, “No, I’d like to have a cup of tea.”

He said, “Did you consider what I said to you?”

I said, “Yeah, I did.”

“What was it?”

I said, “You told me the heavens are going to fall.”

He said, “Yeah, it’s serious.”

I said, “They have not fallen yet.”

He said, “But you should listen to the story.”

I said, “Go ahead, tell me the story.”

He told me the story. I said, “Do you believe it?”

He said, “Yes.”

I said, “That is where lies the mistake. The one who told you, subjected you to certain a situation, and you just straightaway believed.”

He said, “What else I should do?”

I said, “Just wait a minute.”

I picked up the telephone. I gave him one, and then I made around three, four phone calls and I verified the facts. The story was totally different but he learned.

We have a habit to freak out before we even meet the time and space. If one person freaks out, “Oh, he is going to create a hell.” The one who freaked out is a hell himself. As human beings you have a habit.

You don’t trust God. Neither you remember God nor you have any relationship with God because when anybody tells you something rotten, you start believing. You don’t know that the hand of God is there to protect you. Human is afraid of a human because he does not remember God. He does not trust God. He does not feel this is truth.

Listen to what Gurbani says:

‘Jeytath Mushkila Baney Tohi Koi Na Dey.’
‘If there comes a hard time, nobody gives you protection.’

‘Lagoo Hoye Dushmana Sakhvi Baj Khale.’
‘Enemies have come near and your own blood relations have abandoned you.’

‘Baje Sabe Asare, Chuke Sab Asarao.’
‘All shelters have fallen and all holdings have given up.’

‘Chitavey Uss Paar Bram Lage Na Tutti Vao.’
‘At that moment, if a man remembers God, not a warm air can touch that person.’

‘Pathi Vao Na Lagayi, Paar Bram Sarnayi.’
‘No ill-will will touch you, no warm air will touch, you because God is taking you all the time in His own protection.’

‘Chaugird Hamare Ram Kar Dukh Lage Na Payi.’
‘The radiance of God is around us, no ill-will can touch us.’

‘Sat Guru Pura Petiya, Jis Banth Manayi.’
‘Through the true Guru we have learned this.’

‘Ram Nam Aukhu Dia Ekey Liv Layi.’
‘God’s holy name is given to us. With one heart, just pray.’

What is prayer? Prayer is to remember God, remember Infinity. Constitute yourself so that you have a link with that Infinity as a finite being. That is prayer.

While coming from a town in Kashmir state we were driving the jeep and when we were coming down a steep hill of about a thousand feet, the brakes failed. What do you do? Keep going? If you turn, the impact is so much you go three thousand feet down. If you go, you go three thousand feet again. What to do?

I heard my driver say, “Paramatma, Devatma, Raksha Karo.” (O God, O unseen God, protect me.)

And within seconds a big boulder came down right in the middle of the road. The car hit it and stopped, just like a miracle. We looked at each other…

(Students’ laughter)

He looked at me, I looked at him. I said, “Let us take this stone and put it in the back of our jeep.”

He said, “What?”

I said, “This is God.”

(Students’ laughter)

And that man who prayed he said, “How come?”

I said, “Don’t you see, this is the only thing that came. No man came, no mechanical thing happened. This is the one boulder which came right in the middle of the road. Our car hit it and it stopped us and the stone is still there.”

He said, “Really?”

I said, “Yeah, put it in the back of the car, and we’ll take it.”

As a memorial that God can be a beautiful stone which can save two lives plus a government jeep.

(Students’ laughter)

Somebody once asked me, “Why, sir, does the Earth rotate?”

I said, “Because it guarantees stability.”

Stability is the gift of a good human being. Walk stable, talk stable, live stable, project stability. That is what a yogi mind is. Yogi mind is the stable mind. Guru guarantees the protection of God.

‘Keithia Dukh Bukh Sadmar, Hei Bhi Daat Teri Datar.’

Keithi means many. “Many times if hunger and pain will come to me, God, it is your gift.” But you just freak out. “I’ll get diseased, I’ll get this, I’ll…’ Naturally you’ll get diseased because you live in fear all the time. Fear eats up all Vitamin C in you. Fear messes up your glandular system more than anything else, and glands are the guardians of your health and happiness. Glands are the guardians of health and happiness and you just eat up your glands under constant fear. Negativity.

You buy negativity. In the United States about thirty percent of your telephone bill is just nothing but selling negativity to you.

Listening to good things, reading good things, associating with good people, will build up in you the goodness which is Godliness. You are not compassionate when you lay garbage or listen to garbage. A human heart is God’s Temple. Temples are not open to garbage trucks. Your Temple is not where anybody can come and lay his number and go, and you end up smelling bad. That is not the criteria of a man.

Human identity is the most priceless gift of God. Have you heard the story of those three monkeys? See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil? Don’t worry about those three monkeys. Those three monkeys are the wisest thing in the world because mind is like a monkey. It jumps around and wants to gossip.

Guru was very kind to us. Sometimes we can’t understand the great scriptures. We do not know their etherical meaning. What should we do? Guru wrote Siri Guru Granth in Naad Yog. The combination of words is such that when the tongue rotates on the upper palate, it causes the hypothalamus to secrete automatically. The great meditation happens. When you read, you may not even understand the meaning but this madhavani, this churning which happens works.

It is socially, culturally, physically, mentally and metabolism-wise and otherwise very bad to speak negatively. Talking bad is ninety percent bad but listening bad is two hundred and thirty-three percent bad.

Listening to negativity is the worst of all, because once you listen to negativity, you have to multiply it to say something. You are not going to hold the garbage. You are going to lay it on somebody else. And it goes on and on. A lot of human energy can be saved by just speaking positively. Sing, recite poetry, read virtuous things, read scriptures, live according to a saintly pattern of life. Everything will come to you.

You have to be a human being, man first. The literal meaning of the word ‘man’ is one who has infinite mind, who has no limit, no duality, no garbage. Simple, clean mind. ‘I have to listen to all the garbage of the world to prove I am great.’ If you really want to do that, go and sit at where they dump all the garbage. Let ten, twenty trucks come on you and then come out. Baby, we’ll see how you come out. Forget it.

(Students’ laughter)

The first act of consciousness is when somebody starts speaking negatively to you, just tell that person, “Please, I am not a dump place.” You will help the other person. Say it gently. Be kind, but it’s not harmful to remind a friend or a person you communicate with. That will please your heart and mind and towards that, we are going to do this meditation today.

You must prepare yourself for the coming onslaught of this tidal wave of insanity which is going to go over us. Weather is changing. Metabolism is changing. Your hormones are changing. Your food production is changing. Therefore, we have to prepare ourselves. We have to have a very stable mind, a very stable personality and very stable communication. For that we need energy.

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